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GUI-driven tool upgrades parametric test system

15th January 2014
Mick Elliott

Keithley Instruments has upgraded its S530 Parametric Test Systems. A new GUI-driven tool expands diagnostic coverage for all system instrumentation and matrix pathways, providing greater confidence in the health of the system. Additionally, users can run the system verification tool to ensure the S530 is within its published system specifications.

The diagnostic and system verification tool generates comprehensive results files, making it easier to share information with field service personnel or monitor trends in system health.

The upgrade includes a variety of new measurement capabilities and added flexibility to the Keithley Test Environment (KTE). The commands used in the KTE linear parametric test library (LPTLIB) and parametric test library (PARLIB) build on the advantages of Keithley’s three decades of field experience in parametric test code development. S530 Parametric Test Systems running the new KTE V5.5 can address all of the I-V and C-V measurements required in process control monitoring, process reliability monitoring, and device characterisation.

The test systems are optimised for use in production parametric test environments that must accommodate a broad mix of products or wherever wide application flexibility and fast test plan development are critical. In addition to the 200V system configuration that is typically used for standard CMOS, bipolar, MEMS, and other relatively low voltage semiconductor processes, there is a 1kV version optimised for the difficult breakdown and leakage tests that GaN, SiC, and Si LDMOS power devices demand. To accommodate this expansion of the system’s range of applications, a taller system cabinet has been designed to house additional instrumentation and simplify overall system maintenance.

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