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Graphical sampling integrated into digital multimeter

20th January 2015
Mick Elliott

Citing a market trend for more accurate low power measurements, Keithley Instruments has launched a graphical sampling digital multimeter. “The time to market pressure on engineers is relentless,” says Peter Bachmeyer, Technical Marketing Manager, EMEA, Keithley Instruments. “Typically with a digital multimer, the engineer only sees a numerical display of test results. They want more.”

Another trend is the change in expectations. “There is a new generation of engineers used to smartphones and tablets. They are not familiar with lots of buttons,” Bachmeyer remarks.

The new 7-1/2 digit instrument integrates a high accuracy digital multimeter, a digitiser for waveform capture, and a capacitive touchscreen user interface.

Engineers can select resolution levels from 3½ to 7½ digits and says Keithley, the instrument provides DC accuracies typically only found in metrology-grade instrumentation—but at about half the price of those solutions.

Expanded measurement ranges at 100mV, 1Ω, and 10µA enhance low level accuracy and an auto-calibration feature minimises temperature and time drift. Low burden voltage improves low current measurement accuracy.

The integrated 1MS/sec, 18-bit digitiser allows users to view and analyse current and voltage waveforms and transients without the need for an additional instrument or PC. It offers enhanced analogue triggering includes edge, pulse, and window triggers and it is ideal for low level power analysis, sensors, medical device R&D, component test.

The multimeter’s touchscreen mimics that of smartphone. Tests can be set up faster and results can be viewed numerically and graphically. It also allows users to interact with the signals they’re studying for greater insights into results. Pan, pinch, and zoom functions and the ability to set cursors support flexible signal capture and allow for high interaction with test data.

If a user is not that keen on the touchscreen method, the instrument has a rotary control knob as an alternative.

Connections and controls simplify configuring multi-instrument test solutions, including input connectors, remote control interfaces (GPIB, USB 2.0 and LXI/Ethernet), a D-sub 9-pin digital I/O port (for internal/external trigger signals and handler control), and TSP‑Link jacks for connecting to other Keithley instruments with an embedded Test Script Processor (TSP).

Keithley also offers free KickStart instrument control start-up software lets PC users configure and take measurements quickly.

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