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17th June 2024
Junkosha unveils mmWave cabling solutions at IMS 2024

Junkosha is set to present its range of high-frequency cabling solutions at the IEEE MTT International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2024.

19th April 2024
Junkosha awards Afon Technology as 2024 winners

Junkosha has concluded its successful second year of the Technology Innovator of the Year Award.

14th March 2024
Junkosha announces Technology Innovator of the Year Award

Junkosha announced that its second Technology Innovator of the Year Award ceremony will take place on April 18th, 2024, via livestream on YouTube. Additional details regarding this year’s virtual ceremony will be announced soon.

29th January 2024
Junkosha launches 145 GHz cabling solution at DesignCon 2024

Junkosha has chosen DesignCon 2024 as the platform to showcase its breakthrough ultra-phase stable advancements in high frequency cabling solutions.

14th December 2023
Shortlist revealed for Junkosha’s Technology Innovator of the Year Award

Junkosha has announced the shortlist of eleven entries for the final stage of its annual ‘Technology Innovator of the Year Award’.

Test & Measurement
8th June 2023
New metrology grade mmWave VNA test cable assemblies at IMS

Global interconnect pioneers Junkosha have chosen the 2023 International Microwave Symposium (IMS), held between 11th and 16th June, to launch two new (26.5GHz and 50GHz) metrology grade Microwave/mmWave VNA Test Cable Assemblies for applications including calibration tests.

29th March 2023
Junkosha launches second Technology Innovator of the Year Award

Pioneers of sophisticated fluoropolymer application technologies across medical device and microwave interconnect sectors, Junkosha, is launching its second Technology Innovator of the Year Awards on 28th March 2023.

2nd March 2023
Junkosha: New leadership preludes a period of dynamic growth

Japanese company, Junkosha, involved in fluoropolymer application technologies across sectors including microwave interconnect and medical devices has reported changes to its executive team to take the business forward.

Component Management
4th October 2022
Junkosha's product selection tool for coaxial cables

Global interconnect pioneers Junkosha has chosen European Microwave Week (EuMW 2022) to unveil its new Cable Assembly Designer: a product selection tool for Junkosha’s microwave and millimetre-wave coaxial cable assemblies that are customisable to a host of test and measurement, high-frequency needs within mobile communication technology, space and defence applications.

16th June 2022
Phase stability in high temperature gradient environments

Junkosha are using this year’s International Microwave Symposium to showcase the core qualities of MWX7 Series in environments where significant temperature gradients are experienced across cable assemblies.

News & Analysis
5th April 2022
Junkosha crowns its Technology Innovator of the Year

Creo Medical’s CTO Chris Hancock wins $25,000 prize for first advanced energy multimodality instrument designed for flexible endoscopy using combined bipolar RF and microwave energy for advanced endoscopic procedures

4th April 2022
MWX7 cables to tackle mmWave large-scale phased-array radars

Global interconnect pioneers, Junkosha, have chosen Europe’s premier microwave, RF, wireless and radar event, European Microwave Week, to launch its new ePTFE tape wrapped phase and amplitude stable MWX7 Series of cables.

3rd February 2022
Innovator of the Year Award shortlist

Pioneers of sophisticated fluoropolymer application technologies across medical device and microwave interconnect sectors, Junkosha, has revealed the shortlist of five entries going through to the final stage of its inaugural ‘Technology Innovator of the Year Award’.

17th August 2021
Junkosha showcases range of mmWave cabling solutions

DesignCon 2021 has been chosen as the setting for Junkosha to unveil its wide range of cabling solutions, including the MWX6 Series and MWX001, all designed to meet the demands of a 5G/6G digital future. The quest for ever faster data transfer speeds has driven the newest generation of data centre systems to deploy optical fibre between components. The requirement for ultra-high-performance cables to test and monitor the integrity of digital sign...

17th May 2021
The importance of innovative cabling in VNAs and probe stations

Cables and connectors are at the core of today’s sophisticated operating systems. As we shift our focus to the technology of tomorrow and move towards a 5G-enabled world, cables and interconnects must be of the highest standard and reliability. This article examines two key application areas: Vector Network Analysers (VNAs) and Probe Stations. Masaru Omoto of Junkosha explains more.

17th August 2020
Test and measurement in a mmWave 5G world

Test and measurement is a crucial component of cabling innovations. As we move towards a 5G-enabled world, there is high demand for cables and interconnects that can reliably contribute to test and measurement processes. Junkosha explain test and measurement in a mmWave 5G world.

1st October 2019
EuMW 2019: Interconnects break 120GHz barrier

Attendees at European Microwave Week were the first to experience Junkosha’s newest interconnects designed to take systems beyond the 120 GHz barrier. Geared to match the needs of applications fit for a 5G world, three of the initial MWX004 samples to be produced will be available for immediate assignment.

1st October 2019
EuMW 2019: mmWave cabling copes with harsh environments

Junkosha chose European Microwave Week in Paris to showcase its MWX3 series of mmWave cabling solutions, designed for the high-end military communication and radar systems sectors. With its precision engineered expanded-PTFE tape wrapping technology, this new interconnect features characteristics including excellent phase and amplitude stability with temperature (-65˚C to 125˚C).

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