EuMW 2019: mmWave cabling copes with harsh environments

1st October 2019
Mick Elliott

Junkosha chose European Microwave Week in Paris to showcase its MWX3 series of mmWave cabling solutions, designed for the high-end military communication and radar systems sectors. With its precision engineered expanded-PTFE tape wrapping technology, this new interconnect features characteristics including excellent phase and amplitude stability with temperature (-65˚C to 125˚C).

It can be used in the harshest hot and cold environments.

“We innovate new precision engineered cabling solutions not only for this new 5G enabled world, but also for the highly specialised military and aerospace industries,” explains Masaru Omoto, Product Manager for Junkosha. “European Microwave Week is the first event whereby we will showcase a new solution for our defence and aerospace customers, based on the increasing requirements for cabling solutions that can demonstrate characteristics including an ability to contend with significant radiation, high fluctuations in temperature and vacuum based environments. All of these are now familiar requirements for today’s high-end military radar communications specialists as they look to stay ahead of today’s electronically based warfare.”

Alongside the MWX3 series, Junkosha is also launching its MWX161 cabling solution.

Reaching up to the 67GHz range, it has been designed to make engineers’ lives easier when connecting to a multi-port Vector Network Analyser.

This is due to the small diameter of the connectors. To add to its ease of connection, a torque driver is available to mount the interconnect on to the narrow pitch connector arrangement board.

“We listen to our customers’ requirements as they seek to innovate in what is a continually changing 5G landscape,” continues Omoto. “Our new MWX161 interconnect is a result of a combination of our technology innovation and listening to what our customers need. Typical uses for this cabling solution include multiport VNAs where space between the cables is at a premium; narrow pitch RF matrix switchers that route RF signals between multiple inputs and multiple outputs; and multiple connector device under test (DUT) boards which serve as an interface circuit between the automatic test equipment and the device under test.”

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