Junkosha launches 145 GHz cabling solution at DesignCon 2024

29th January 2024
Harry Fowle

Junkosha has chosen DesignCon 2024 as the platform to showcase its breakthrough ultra-phase stable advancements in high frequency cabling solutions.

The spotlight will be on the launch of the MWX004, which has been developed to cater to the demands of a 6G future in a bid to go beyond the limitations of the 145 GHz barrier. The company will also be unveiling a wider line-up of its latest flexible cables including the MWX001 and MWX002 millimetre wave solutions.

The need for phase stability is considered vital across R&D and quality control functions responsible for the development and maintenance of high-frequency networks that are at the core of increasingly sophisticated systems. In recognition of this critical need, Junkosha has designed MWX004, the world’s first 145GHz flexible coaxial cable equipped with features including advanced phase stability, the highest performing dielectric material and high flex life thanks to Junkosha’s precision-engineered EPTFE tape wrapping technology. This new interconnect continues to push the boundaries beyond today’s needs to those of tomorrow, and a future that is connected far beyond the devices of today.

Another example is found in the MWX001 and MWX002 cable assemblies. Designed for test and measurement applications that demand signal stability, these cables feature the lowest insertion loss whilst providing the necessary physical cable flexibility for test set-ups. The cable structure of the MWX001 allows for precise measurement up to 110 GHz, while the MWX002 extends this capability to 120 GHz. A safety-lock mechanism is available to preserve the 1.0mm(m) connector’s central pin. Both cables exhibit excellent phase stability, high quality signal transmission and strong form sustainability.

“With this latest mmWave cabling solution, Junkosha is fulfilling the needs of customers who are moving towards upgrading their equipment to meet the higher frequency demands of a 6G enabled world,” explains Masaru Omoto, Product Manager for Junkosha. “With a wider line up to choose from, we are able to provide customers with a range of solutions tailored to their specific applications. In addition, we have introduced full flexible armour to enhance the cable’s flexibility, making it easy to modify set-ups while remaining robust against environmental wear and tear.”

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