Shortlist revealed for Junkosha’s Technology Innovator of the Year Award

14th December 2023
Paige West

Junkosha has announced the shortlist of eleven entries for the final stage of its annual ‘Technology Innovator of the Year Award’.

These candidates will present their entries to the judging committee in January, with the award winner to be announced at a ceremony in April 2024.

The panel, comprising judges with strong industry backgrounds, will select the winner who will receive $25,000 to further develop their project. Joe Rowan, Chairperson for the Awards, comments: “This year’s Award has attracted a wide range of entries globally, a positive development following the success of the first programme. After reviewing the candidates’ entries, the judges and I were impressed by the innovation demonstrated. Choosing the shortlist was challenging – we faced some tough decisions. Nevertheless, the eleven remaining entries have the essential qualities we believe are necessary to win.”

Mike Winterling, Chief Operating Officer for Junkosha USA, remarks: “The Technology Innovator of the Year Awards were established to acknowledge the work of individuals or teams in interventional medical procedures or Microwave/Millimeter Wave technologies. The interest and innovation shown by this year’s entrants are commendable. Congratulations to the shortlisted candidates who will present their entry. I anticipate the announcement of the winner from this distinguished list.”

The shortlisted candidates include:

Microwave and milimetrewave technologies

Elahe Soltanaghai, University of Illinois Urbana-champaign

Elahe’s research develops a vision of omnipresent sensing for making buildings or cities smart by repurposing the pervasive wireless communication infrastructures (such as WiFi) in every building or city to act as sensors.

Ian Roberts, Wireless Lab at UCLA

Ian leads the Wireless Lab at UCLA, where they conduct theoretical and experimental research on wireless communication and sensing. They use mathematical tools, machine learning, and real-world hardware to analyse, model, optimise, and prototype wireless systems and solutions.

Michael Hollenbeck, Optisys, Inc.

Optisys specialises in design for metal additive manufacturing, which allows for novel highly integrated waveguide antenna assemblies to be produced at a fraction of the size and weight of traditional waveguide while maintaining the highest performance.

Mona Jarrahi, UCLA

Mona and her research group develop millimetre and submillimetre wave imaging/sensing systems that offer record-high signal-to-noise ratios, enabling 3D hyperspectral imaging of unknown objects in real-time.

Patrick Reynaert, University of Leuven (KU Leuven)

Patrick’s academic research group propose polymer fibres for mmWave communication as an alternative to copper wireline and optical for robust, high-speed, low-cost, low-power and medium distance communication.

Prof Anthony Peyton, University of Manchester

Prof Tony Peyton works to bring improved resolution in non-destructive testing. This work is extended to landmine detection and body scanners. They also have a programme to extend these techniques to scanning for brain degeneration and injuries.

Sabih Chaudhry, Afon Technology Ltd

Afon Technology is developing technology that will enable diabetics and pre-diabetics to better monitor their blood glucose without the pain, discomfort and other side effects associated with current glucose monitoring options.

Wenyao Xu, University at Buffalo

Wenyao and his team have developed a project using advanced AI-driven mmWave technology for skin lesion diagnosis.

Interventional medical procedures

Andrew Miller, IQ Endoscopes

Andrew and his team of clinical, med tech and engineering specialists are committed to creating clinically effective, high performance sustainable single use flexible endoscopes on a global scale.

Seth Harrington, Avisi Technologies, Inc.

Avisi Technologies have developed a nanotechnology-enabled aqueous shunt designed to treat glaucoma. Working closely with ophthalmologists and experts, Avisi is committed to introducing a reliable, safe, and effective solution for glaucoma patients.

Tyler Melton, Corveus Medical

Corveus Medical is developing a novel one-time, catheter-based solution that provides instant relief from the symptoms of chronic heart failure by removing a single nerve branch.

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