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4th June 2014
OCXO delivers exceptional frequency stability at ±0.2ppb

Delivering exceptional frequency stability performance at ±0.2ppb over an operating temperature range from -20 to +70°C, the IQOV-164 series oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) has been unveiled by IQD Frequency Products. It can also be specified to operate over a wider temperature range from -30 to +75°C with only a minor drop in temperature stability performance at ±0.5ppb.

27th May 2014
TCVCXO offers stabilities down to ±0.14ppm over -40 to 85°C

The IQXT-210 series TCVCXO, offering frequency stabilities down to ±0.14ppm over the full industrial temperature range of -40 to 85°C, has been launched by IQD. The device approaches OCXO performance levels, whilst being offered in a miniature 8-pad 5 x 3.2mm package. Powered from a 3.3V supply, the device has a typical current draw of 12mA dependent upon the frequency which can be specified between 10MHz to 50...

22nd April 2014
OCXO boasts ±5ppb stability over –40 to 85°C

The IQOV-162 series, a minature OCXO from IQD, delivers a frequency stability down to ±5ppb over the full industrial temperature range from –40 to 85°C. Measuring 4 x 9.0mm, with a height of 6.5mm, the OCXO model is available in a wide frequency range from 10 to 100MHz. 

27th March 2014
GPS advanced OCXO for LTE & 4G base stations

Specifically designed for LTE & 4G base stations, the IQCM-100 GPS advanced OCXO (Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator) module has been introduced by IQD Frequency Products. It achieves a holdover specification of 1.5ms over a 24 hour period when locked to a 1PPS (Pulse Per Second) input from an external GPS receiver, easily meeting industry standard holdover requirements.

25th February 2014
MCXO offers OCXO performance in smaller package

At embedded world 2014, IQD Frequency Products has released the IQMT-100 series Microcomputer Compensated Crystal Oscillator (MCXO). Offering customers OCXO performance in a standard clock oscillator sized package, this device delivers ±50ppb stability in an industry standard sized ceramic package measuring just 7x5mm.

27th January 2014
TCXO replaces oven controlled crystal oscillators

Launching at Embedded World 2014 in Nuremburg, Germany, February 25-27, the IQXT-200 series is designed specifically to replace an Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO). This Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) is a practical alternative to OCXOs in portable instrumentation equipment and communications systems (fixed and mobile) requiring a high stability oscillator, without the physical space for or power to driv...

9th December 2013
Studying stability

Clock references empower modern communications, but making room for even more connections will require new solutions to creating even more stable clock sources. By Uwe Schweickert, R&D Manager at IQD FOQ GmbH.

11th October 2013
IQD introduce custom crystal filter product platform

IQD has launched a new custom crystal filter product platform. The IQXF-1000 series are a range of band-pass filters with centre frequencies from 1.4 to 200MHz based around fundamental and third overtone mode crystals. These 2 to 12 pole crystal filters can operate over a temperature range of –55 to +85 degrees C with a bandwidth @3dB from ±2kHz and with the passband ripple as low as 0.5dB and insertion loss down to 2.5dB.

Contrôle de la fréquence
10th October 2013
IQD Lance Une Gamme De Filtre À Quartz

IQD présentera une nouvelle gamme de filtres à quartz lors de l’exposition European Microwave Week 2013.  L’ IQXF-1000 est une gamme de filtres à bande passante avec des fréquences centrales allant de 1.4 à 200 MHz avec des quartz en mode fondamental et 3ème harmonique. Ces filtres quartz de 2 à 12 pôles opèrent sur des plages de températures de -55 à +85...

Sans fil
10th October 2013
Un OCXO De Conception Nouvelle Par IQD Offre Un Bruit De Phase Ultra Faible Sans Précédent

Le nouvel OCXO, l’IQOV-200F de IQD offre une optimisation du bruit de phase exceptionnelle allant jusqu'à  -130dBc @ 100HZ et un seuil inférieur à -180dBc sur une plage de hautes fréquences allant de 80 à 130MHz.

Frequency Control
8th October 2013
OCXO features class leading ultra-low phase noise

IQD have today announced the introduction of the IQOV-200F OCXO, delivering exceptional phase noise performance with a close-in measurement of -130dBc @100Hz and a noise floor better than -180dBc across a high frequency range of 80 to 130MHz. Phase noise is the term used to quantify signal noise in the frequency domain and such phase noise measurements and specification limits are common to most RF engineers in their work.

Composants passifs
22nd August 2013
IQD présente un quartz ultra-miniature de seulement 0,5mm de hauteur

IQD Frequency Products vient de lancer un des quartz les plus petits au monde, le IQXC-42. Ne mesurant que 2.0 x 1.6 mm et seulement 0.5 m de hauteur, ce nouveau modèle, ultra-miniature, est particulièrement adapté aux applications portables telles que les appareils de gestion de stock, les outils de télémétrie rechargeables, les ordinateurs ultra-portables ainsi que les équipements de surveillance...

21st August 2013
IQD unveil 0.5mm high ultra-miniature crystal

IQD Frequency Products has today announced the introduction of one of the world’s smallest quartz crystals, the IQXC-42. Ideally suited for portable applications such as hand held inventory control devices, battery powered telemetry equipment, notebook computers and surveillance devices, the IQXC-42 measures just 2.0 x 1.6mm with a height of only 0.5mm.

Frequency Control
8th July 2013
IQD surface mount military oscillators withstand 100,000g shock

IQD today introduce a new series of surface mount oscillators, the HGXO series. Although designed for military applications such as smart munitions and projectile electronics, the HGXO series are also suited for demanding industrial applications. Able to survive shock levels of up to 100,000G, the new oscillators are designed around a hermetically sealed high-shock crystal and a CMOS compatible integrated circuit.

Frequency Control
6th June 2013
New wide frequency range VCO series from IQD delivers excellent phase noise performance

IQD Frequency Products has chosen IMS 2013 to launch a new series of high performance customisable Voltage Controlled Oscillators that provide a comprehensive solution for a diverse range of applications such as test and measurement, SATCOM, Telecom, and digital mobile radio. The new IVCO-100 series offers frequencies from 50MHz up to 6GHz.

4th June 2013
IQD's New high frequency OCXO delivers class leading phase noise performance down to -172dBc/Hz

IQD’s new IQOV-200 series Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator has been designed from the ground up to optimise low phase noise performance. Phase noise is caused primarily by semiconductor thermal noise but noisy resistors, capacitors and inductors can all have an effect, as can poor signal transfer paths due to circuit layout and design.

23rd April 2013
Next Generation VCXO Delivers Small Size Combined With Low Jitter

IQD’s new IQXV-40 series Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator launching at Design West 2013 satisfies market demand for smaller package styles and low jitter. Measuring just 3.2 x 2.5mm and housed in a hermetically sealed package with a grounded metal lid for low EMI radiation, the new model offers a period jitter of 100ps peak-to-peak maximum.

27th February 2013
IQD Announce Low Phase Noise TCXO At Embedded World 2013

IQD’s new IQXT-60 series Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator offers excellent phase noise performance in a miniature low height package. With typical phase noise figures of -63dBc/Hz at 10Hz and -161dBc/Hz at 100kHz coupled with a low current consumption of around 5.0mA, the new model is a very versatile high performance oscillator.

26th February 2013
IQD Unveils 14-Pin DIL OCXO At Embedded World 2013

IQD Frequency Products have today announced the new IQOV-160 series OCXO which is being launched at Embedded World 2013. The IQOV-160 series offers all the performance benefits of an OCXO in the small size of an industry standard 14-pin DIL package. Visit IQD at Embedded World 2013 stand 152 in Hall 1 for further details.

4th January 2013
IQD launches very high frequency OCXO reference clock for ADC & DAC applications

IQD’s new IQOV-150 series OCXO satisfies the growing demand for low phase noise reference clocks for Analogue-to-Digital Conversion (ADC) and Digital-to-analogue Conversion (DAC), especially for very fast measurements and high speed data transfer.

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