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17th December 2012
IQD launches new ultra high stability OCXO at Embedded World 2013

IQD’s new IQOV-70 series OCXO which is launching at Embedded World 2013 is designed for use in next generation multimode base station platforms. Operating at a frequency of 10MHz, the new model achieves a frequency stability of ±3ppb (parts per billion) over the operating temperature range of -10 to +70 degrees C.

13th November 2012
IQD launches new low phase noise and low power clock oscillator

IQD’s new CFPS-115 crystal clock oscillator offers two key features; low phase noise and low current consumption. At 40.0MHz the phase noise performance is -80dBc/Hz at 10Hz offset and -145dBc/Hz at 1kHz offset, figures which are around 5dBc better than similar design parts. In addition, the new model offers low power consumption of around only 7mA; this compares with a normal SMD oscillator where current consumption would typically be around 2...

13th November 2012
IQD’s new industrial temperature range SMD OCXO

IQD have extended the performance of their IQOV-90 series high stability low phase noise OCXOs to encompass the full standard industrial temperature range of -40 to 85°C. High operating temperature ranges are significantly more technically challenging in OCXOs than for other frequency products. By increasing the internal crystals turnover point to a safe margin above 85°C and reducing the thermal loss of the circuit, our design team have been a...

15th October 2012
IQD launches new series of fast make programmable oscillators

The short lead-times offered by programmable oscillators are typically offset by relatively poor performance in comparison to standard crystal oscillators, especially as regards phase noise and jitter. IQD’s two new ranges of programmable oscillators offer the best of both worlds with phase jitter performance comparable to traditional crystal oscillators combined with lead-times as short as 3 days.

14th September 2012
IQD introduces ground-breaking new quartz crystal range at electronica 2012

IQD has launched two new quartz crystal models housed in unique innovative packages that deliver significant space and cost saving whilst still utilising tried and tested technology. The new surface mount IQXC-74 measures just 7 x 4mm with a height of 2.3mm – this compares with the similar current industry standard HC49/4HSMX design which measures 11.4 x 4.9 x 4.3mm.

23rd May 2012
IQD New High-Temperature, High-Shock Clock Oscillator

IQD has launched a newly designed high-temperature clock oscillator. The new LHAT series is housed in a 7x5mm dual hermetically sealed ceramic package with gold plated kovar leads attached using a robust eutectic brazing process. The oscillators are capable of operating at temperatures from +25 to +200 degrees C.

21st July 2011
IQD - SMD OCXO delivers high stability combined with low phase noise

IQD have unveiled their new IQOV-90 series high stability low phase noise OCXO. Designed and manufactured in Germany at their IQD FOQ GmbH facility, the new OCXO offers a range of outputs and supply voltages across a frequency range of 10 to 40MHz.

23rd May 2011
IQD launches miniature telemetry crystal

IQD has launched a new crystal, the CX-16 series which is designed for use in medical implantable devices. The new device is specifically targeted at applications in the fast growing medical RF telemetry market.

Wireless Microsite
15th March 2011
IQD Frequency Products launch new ultra miniature crystal

IQD Frequency Products launched a new ultra miniature crystal, the IQXC-26, at the Embedded World exhibition and conference 2011 in Nuremburg.

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