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The world’s swelling population, more and more megacities and the rising demand for energy is prompting us to rethink many aspects of our modern lifestyle.

Semiconductor and system solutions from Infineon contribute to a better future – making our world easier, safer and greener. These tiny, barely visible electronic components have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. They help to feed regenerative energy into power grids with almost zero losses, tame power-hungry computers, safeguard the data flying through cyberspace and make our cars more energy-efficient.

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21st October 2021
Fail-operational architecture designed for highly automated driving

The fail-operational architectural concept enables SAE Level 3 and 4 Automated Driving Systems (ADS) for highly automated driving. It allows safe and reliable sensor data processing for highway pilot functions, valet parking and autonomous truck driving. It is based on a centralised computer architecture, the design lays the groundwork for the future software-based car. This joint development successfully completes the € 50 million PRYS...

13th October 2021
Hardware security module aids security for car makers

Communication interfaces in vehicles is growing – and that entails security challenges for car makers.

Alternative Energy
5th October 2021
Self-produced solar energy sharing amongst neighbours

In order to meet Europe's ambitious climate targets, greenhouse gas emissions must be drastically reduced by 2030. To achieve this, around 28 million multi-family houses with over 80 million households must be equipped with photovoltaics. Accordingly, Infineon has introduced a solar power sharing technology.

5th October 2021
50 kW power module suits traction inverters

Qualified for automotive applications, Infineon’s EasyPACK 2B EDT2 is a flexible and scalable half-bridge power module.

22nd September 2021
BMR310 capacitor is IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 compliant and delivers high power density

Flex Power Modules introduces the BMR310, a non-isolated switched capacitor intermediate bus converter which provides high power density for data centres, thus improving board space utilisation and freeing space for other components.

News & Analysis
17th September 2021
Infineon invests €1.6bn in power ICs wafer fab

Infineon Technologies has opened a 300mm thin wafer fab in Villach, Austria to make power products.

16th September 2021
Flexibility meets increased power density and performance

Infineon Technologies AG launches new current ratings for its EconoDUAL 3 portfolio with TRENCHSTOP IGBT7 chips. With the broad range of current classes from 300 A up to 900 A, the portfolio offers inverter designers a high degree of flexibility while also providing increased power density and performance. In addition to solar and drive applications, the portfolio is also tailored for Commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles (CAV) ...

7th September 2021
22kW design for an industrial general purpose motor drive

In power electronics and the semiconductor market, the system approach is gaining momentum. To support this trend, Infineon has introduced a pretested industrial reference design which reduces the time to market significantly.

2nd September 2021
Infineon and Panasonic accelerate GaN technology development

Infineon and Panasonic have signed an agreement for the joint development and production of the second generation (Gen2) of their gallium nitride (GaN) technology, claiming to offer higher efficiency and power density levels. The performance and reliability combined with the capability of 8" GaN-on-Si wafer production mark Infineon’s strategic outreach to the growing demand for GaN power semiconductors. In accordance with market r...

2nd September 2021
Driving high-power Class-D audio to new heights

Class-D audio high-power amplifiers have succeeded in professional and high-end consumer markets by offering a combination of small size, low heat dissipation, high integration, and good sound. Efficiency is considered a strong point of the class-D topology; which could be the key to eliminating the bulky heatsinks needed by traditional analog amplifiers, thus permitting smaller, more lightweight solutions. Their smaller size delivers p...

26th August 2021
Infineon launch Active Rectifying Diode

Infineon Technologies and Robert Bosch  are launching a new low-loss diode called Active Rectifying Diode for light vehicle generators. It enables an increase in generator efficiency of up to eight percent compared to conventional power conversion methods and facilitates generators to qualify as eco-innovations as defined by the EU. Deploying the new diode can reduce the CO2 emissions of a car by up to 1.8g/km. Since it can replace stan...

19th August 2021
Launch of research project for trustworthy electronics

Coordinated by Infineon Technologies AG, the research project Design methods and hardware/software co-verification for the unique identifiability of electronic components has begun operations. 12 partners from the research and academic sectors as well as from electronics and end user industries are working together to develop a holistic security concept for the Internet of Things. The VE-VIDES goal is to already systematically identify poten...

17th August 2021
Infineon’s new MEMS scanner for eyeglasses and head-up displays

What if your everyday eyeglasses became the next media for augmented reality applications? What if every car could display valuable data on the whole windshield to securely guide you through the traffic? The new MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) scanner solution from Infineon Technologies, comprising a MEMS mirror and MEMS driver, allows completely new product designs. Its miniature size and low power consumption are the basis for making au...

6th August 2021
Why GaN is critical to powering 5G infrastructure

GaN brings efficiency advantages compared with silicon, say Giuseppe Bernacchia, senior principal application engineer and Moshe Domb, director application engineering at Infineon Technologies

3rd August 2021
1,500V power module doubles as solar and storage use

It is often the case that when components are targeted at large currents and voltages the amount of applications that they can be used in shrinks.

29th July 2021
Infineon introduce USB PD 3.1 high voltage microcontroller

Infineon introduces industry’s first USB PD 3.1 high-voltage microcontroller with higher wattage support

22nd July 2021
NOR Flash memory for space-grade FPGAs

Space-grade field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) require reliable, high-density non-volatile memories that contain their boot configurations. To address the growing need for high-reliability memories, Infineon has announced a high-density radiation-tolerant (RadTol) NOR Flash memory products qualified to MIL-PRF-38535’s QML-V flow (QML-V Equivalent). The QML-V flow is the highest quality and reliability standard certification for aerospac...

21st July 2021
Single-stage flyback controllers for smart LED drivers

Cost-effective dimmable and intelligent LED systems are expected to increase the market share disproportionately in the coming years. Introducing the ICL8800, ICL8810 and ICL8820 single-stage flyback LED controllers for constant output voltages, Infineon Technologies has addressed the need of LED driver manufacturers in this regard.

16th July 2021
Biometric smart cards with scalable manufacturability

Convenient Security: A research report by ABI Research has projected the market for biometric smart cards to be reaching 353 million pieces per year by 2025 globally as an optimistic scenario. Allowing card manufacturers to address this new growing market segment, Infineon Technologies and IDEX Biometrics ASA have announced a reference design for the next generation biometric smart card architecture.

2nd July 2021
Biometrics enables comms and contactless payment

Today, practically any everyday object can be enriched with smart functions to make life easier. Using system solutions from Infineon, Deed, a deep tech startup from Turin, Italy, has been able to create a screenless yet feature-rich wearable. The get bracelet interprets human gestures and uses biometric data to pick up a call or to make payments.

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