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Infineon drives decarbonisation and digitalisation for a greener future

28th May 2024
Paige West

At PCIM Europe 2024, Infineon Technologies will showcase its latest semiconductor, software, and tooling solutions addressing today’s green and digital transformation challenges.

Under the motto ‘Driving decarbonisation and digitalisation. Together.’, Infineon will present a broad power electronics portfolio, covering all relevant power technologies in silicon (Si), silicon carbide (SiC), and gallium nitride (GaN). The company will exhibit in a larger area this year, with the main booth (#740) in Hall 7 featuring Si and SiC-based solutions, while the adjacent booth (#169) will focus on the extensive GaN portfolio. Alternatively, visitors can register for Infineon's digital event platform.

Infineon’s PCIM 2024 highlights

The products, demonstrations, and design aids on display illustrate how Infineon's product-to-system expertise in power management enables engineers to balance operational specifications with application requirements. Demonstrations will include solutions from the following areas:

Wide-bandgap technologies: wide-bandgap materials are revolutionising power electronics and various applications driving the green and digital transformation. Infineon will demonstrate the CoolSiC MOSFETs 650 V and 1200 V Generation 2, which can be used to improve overall energy efficiency. Additionally, the expanded portfolio of GaN solutions will be showcased, offering a wide range of innovative packages, discrete, and integrated solutions.

Renewables, energy storage and HVDC: Infineon’s power solutions enable the most climate-friendly forms of energy generation from wind and solar, accompanied by efficient storage systems. At PCIM, the company will present a wide range of solutions for single-phase and three-phase hybrid solar inverters as well as its In-Field Power Analytics Service, which helps to maximise converter uptime and optimise operation in real-time.

Industrial automation, motor drives and control: with advanced power semiconductors, Infineon is paving the way for highly reliable and energy-efficient electric motors and drive solutions in smart factories. This is achieved through a combination of efficient energy management, intelligent motor control solutions, advanced sensor functions, and reliable connectivity components. The company will also present its growing range of solid-state relays and circuit breakers, as well as a stack assembly solution for high-end Press Pack IGBTs.

Information and communication technologies: true to the motto ‘We power AI’, Infineon exhibits technologies that meet increasing energy demands while promoting greener AI and paving the way for more efficient AI servers. This includes two-phase power supply modules, integrated point-of-load solutions, and converters. The company will showcase cutting-edge solutions, including Si, SiC, and GaN power switches, meeting the evolving needs of server technology and telecoms networks, driving efficiency, reliability, and innovation across all industries.

eMobility, eTransportation and charging solutions: with power supply solutions for traction inverters, on-board chargers, DC-DC converters, and battery management systems, Infineon supports the efforts of developers and manufacturers, enabling the rapid expansion of eMobility, eTransportation, eCAV, and the corresponding charging infrastructure. Highlights in this area include traction inverters with fusion, single-side cooling and discrete concepts, traction inverter systems for commercial vehicles and rail transport, as well as high power fast charging solutions.

Smart and connected homes: Infineon's technology portfolio of customised, ready-to-use solutions assists manufacturers in developing innovative system designs for homes that meet the growing demand for smart, connected, and energy-efficient living solutions. Highlights in this area include USB-C charging solutions, portable battery-powered welding solutions, residential heat pumps, and air conditioning systems.

Infineon will also contribute to the PCIM conference programme and various forums, including a keynote by Dr. Gerald Deboy, Fellow at Infineon, on the ‘Challenges and Solutions to Power Latest Processor Generations for Hyper Scale Data Centres’ on 13th June at 8:45am.

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