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Hammond Manufacturing has been operating for close to one-hundred years, with deep historical roots. The business started in a backyard workshop in 1916 located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. In the early years, the Company manufactured radios, power amplifiers and battery eliminators.


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27th July 2020
Hammond IP66 steel enclosures for control housing

The IP66 EJSS family from Hammond Electronics is available in 304 or 316 grade stainless steel, supplied as standard in a natural smooth brushed finish. Sealed to IP66, the EJSS is designed for use as an instrument enclosure, an electric, hydraulic or pneumatic control housing, electrical junction box or terminal wiring enclosure.

3rd July 2020
Hammond 1597DIN UL94-V0 DIN rail enclosures

Hammond Electronics has announced its family of 1597DIN UL94-V0 flame-retardant plastic enclosures for mounting to standard IEC/EN 60715 35mm DIN rails for applications such as industrial control equipment, automation, equipment management and monitoring, HVAC controllers and distributed IoT equipment.

27th April 2020
Flanged extruded aluminium enclosure for surface mounting

The new 1455F flanged extruded aluminium enclosures from Hammond Electronics add a further variant to the popular 1455 standard family. The 1455F features a completely new extrusion that features a flat base with integral mounting flanges.

2nd March 2020
Elegant and functional hand-held enclosures

Hammond Electronics has launched its new 1552 family of hand-held enclosures. Initially available in six sizes, the IP54 rated UL94-V0 flame-retardant ABS enclosure features an ergonomic design that fits comfortably into the hand, enabling it to be used for long period in applications such as a machine controller or an electric hoist control.

17th December 2019
Plastic enclosures sealed to IP68

Hammond Electronics has announced its new 1557 family. Initially available in four plan sizes, each in two heights, it is available in polycarbonate, sealed to IP68, and ABS, designed to meet IP66. The sizes are 80x80x45 and 60mm and 120x120, 160x160 and 200x200mm in heights of 45 and 70mm. All versions are available in black and RAL 7035 grey.

5th July 2019
36 new configurations added to sealed enclosure families

Hammond Electronics has added 36 new configurations to its popular Industry 4.0 1554 and 1555 sealed enclosure families. Available in ABS or polycarbonate with styled, opaque, clear or smoked lids, the six new sizes are 105x105x60 and 90, 140x140x60 and 90 and 180x180x60 and 90, giving a grand total of 150 sizes and lid options available as standard. In addition to the new sizes, the polycarbonate versions have cUL and UL 508A...

18th February 2019
Sensor enclosures for the IoT designed around PCB sizes

The new 1551V miniature ventilated sensor enclosures from Hammond Electronics are designed to house sensors and small sub-systems installed in the manufacturing environment as part of IoT systems. While there is no relevant international standard, the 1551V enclosures are designed around the PCB sizes selected by leading sensor manufacturers for their latest generations of products.

23rd January 2019
Rack mount unit family extended with extra sizes

It has been announced that Hammond Electronics has introduced 4U high versions and added extended 559mm depths to all heights of its RM family of 1U to 4U 19” rack mounting and desktop enclosures. 1U to 3U half-width versions are also available. The all-aluminium construction consists of a heavy-duty extruded frame with removable vented or plain top and bottom covers.

22nd October 2018
IP66 sealed polycarbonate and ABS enclosures for industrial applications

Optimised for use in harsh industrial environments, the 1554 flat lid and 1555 styled lid ranges of ABS and UV stabilised polycarbonate enclosures from Hammond Electronics provide IP66 sealing and good mechanical protection. The light grey RAL 7035 enclosures are designed to house printed circuit boards or DIN rail mounted components. IP66 sealing is achieved through a one piece silicone gasket in a tongue and groove seal. 23 sizes from 66 x 66 x...

3rd September 2018
Hammond majors on industrial enclosures at electronica 2018

  On Stand 516 in Hall A2 at electronica Munich, 13th to 16th November, Hammond Manufacturing, manufacturer of small plastic, die-cast and metal enclosures for use in the electronics, electrical and allied industries, will be showcasing its latest products.

26th February 2018
Rack mounting power strips designed for use with IEC cords

Hammond Electronics has extended its power distribution offering with an additional 12 variants of rack mounting and stand-alone 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz 10A power strips, designed for use with IEC power cords. For enhanced safety, two 10A resettable circuit breakers prevents overloading, and both types are available with either a double pole single throw green illuminated on/off switch or as a basic unswitched version with a green power-on indic...

4th July 2017
Pole kits extend enclosure mounting options

In response to the need for small electronic monitoring and control systems to be installed in an increasingly wide variety of locations, Hammond Electronics has introduced an initial five sizes of Pole Mounting Kit, which enable three sealed enclosure families to be attached to round, square or rectangular poles with diameters from 38-381mm. The corrosion resistant stainless steel kits reduce installation time and secure the enclosure against tw...

10th February 2017
Investment enhances European modification capability

Hammond Electronics offers more than 5,000 standard designs and sizes of plastic, metal, extruded and die-cast aluminium enclosures. The company has recently made substantial investments in equipment, people and systems at its Basingstoke European HQ to expand its in-house modification capacity, improve service levels and reduce lead times.

30th August 2016
Extended length die-cast enclosures meet two very different requirements

The 1590 die-cast enclosures family from Hammond Electronics consists of 41 different sizes in the standard rectangular and STOMP Box painted variants. STOMP boxes, colour coded to provide visual quick identification on stage are the housings of choice for leading stomp box manufacturers.

20th June 2016
Miniature enclosures optimised for USB interconnect

When USB3.0 was introduced, offering theoretical data signalling rates of 5Gb/s compared with the 480Mb/s available from USB2.0, the protocol became significantly more useful across a variety of applications. The latest standard to be published, USB3.1, further increases performance to 10Gb/s and reduces line encoding overhead.

23rd February 2016
Latest addition to development board enclosures

Hammond Electronics has further extended its family of design-specific plastic enclosures for housing small form factor development boards with the introduction of the HAMAR, configured for the Arduino LEONARDO, M0 PRO, UNO or YÚN, and the HAMBB, optimised for the BeagleBone Green.

5th November 2015
Red & blue anodised finish options make enclosures stand out

Red or blue anodised finishes to the 1455 family of extruded aluminium instrument cases from Hammond Electronics enable designers to make their products stand out from the crowd without having to specify a custom finish. All sizes are now available in a durable red or blue anodised finish in addition to the original clear and black anodised options.

24th August 2015
Distinctive guitar effect pedals stop conducted interference

Hammond Electronics’ 1590 STOMP die-cast aluminium enclosures are designed to accept the most commonly used switches for stomp box applications. Stomp boxes, also known as guitar effect pedals, are foot-operated equipment used by electric guitarists to produce preset effects such as distortion, wah-wah, delay, chorus and phaser. Many players will have a bank of up to 20 stomp boxes, each providing a different effect.

29th June 2015
Extruded aluminium housing copes with high thermal loads

The latest addition to the popular 1455 series of extruded aluminium enclosures from Hammond Electronics is the 1455NHD, which features six integral heat dissipating fins in the extrusion profile, providing enhanced cooling capability for when high thermal loads are expected from the housed equipment.

30th March 2015
Sealed handheld enclosure for dusty or wet environments

The latest 1553W IP65 sealed version of the stylish, ergonomically designed 1553 handheld enclosure family, from Hammond Electronics, is suitable for housing any electronics that will be used in environments where dust and water is likely to be present. It features an ergonometric curved shape that fits comfortably into the hand.

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