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Hammond Manufacturing has been operating for close to one-hundred years, with deep historical roots. The business started in a backyard workshop in 1916 located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. In the early years, the Company manufactured radios, power amplifiers and battery eliminators.


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5th November 2015
Red & blue anodised finish options make enclosures stand out

Red or blue anodised finishes to the 1455 family of extruded aluminium instrument cases from Hammond Electronics enable designers to make their products stand out from the crowd without having to specify a custom finish. All sizes are now available in a durable red or blue anodised finish in addition to the original clear and black anodised options.

24th August 2015
Distinctive guitar effect pedals stop conducted interference

Hammond Electronics’ 1590 STOMP die-cast aluminium enclosures are designed to accept the most commonly used switches for stomp box applications. Stomp boxes, also known as guitar effect pedals, are foot-operated equipment used by electric guitarists to produce preset effects such as distortion, wah-wah, delay, chorus and phaser. Many players will have a bank of up to 20 stomp boxes, each providing a different effect.

29th June 2015
Extruded aluminium housing copes with high thermal loads

The latest addition to the popular 1455 series of extruded aluminium enclosures from Hammond Electronics is the 1455NHD, which features six integral heat dissipating fins in the extrusion profile, providing enhanced cooling capability for when high thermal loads are expected from the housed equipment.

30th March 2015
Sealed handheld enclosure for dusty or wet environments

The latest 1553W IP65 sealed version of the stylish, ergonomically designed 1553 handheld enclosure family, from Hammond Electronics, is suitable for housing any electronics that will be used in environments where dust and water is likely to be present. It features an ergonometric curved shape that fits comfortably into the hand.

9th January 2015
Board-specific enclosures for Arduino & Raspberry Pi

Specifically targeting the Arduino and Raspberry Pi bareboard computers, Hammond Electronics has announced the 1593HAMEGG enclosures. Designed in response to user feedback, the enclosures offer an alternative to traditional base and lid designs where the bareboard is mounted inside an enclosure. Instead, the board is screwed into moulded studs located on the top of an egg-shaped base.

27th May 2014
Functional enclosure launched for Raspberry Pi Model B

A moulded enclosure specifically designed to house the Raspberry Pi Model B credit card sized computer has been launched by Hammond Electronics. Available in blue, grey and black, the 1593HAM features a stylish rounded design with apertures for all the I/O interfaces and supported accessories. 

Cartes et fonds de panier
26th November 2013
Hammond lance des boîtiers spécifiquement conçus pour les cartes informatiques de la taille d'une carte de crédit

Hammond Electronics a mis sur le marché une gamme de boîtiers, moulés spécifiquement conçus pour supporter les nouveaux types de cartes informatiques nues à bas coût de la taille d'une carte de crédit, qui utilisent typiquement le système d'exploitation Linux et offrent des fonctionnalités de base à une grande diversité d'applications. Bien qu'elles soient trè...

25th November 2013
Arduino, Beaglebone and Freescale Freedom enclosures

Hammond Electronics has today introduced a new series of design-specific moulded enclosures supporting the new types of credit card sized, low cost bare board computers, which, typically running Linux, provide basic functionality across a wide range of applications. While broadly similar in size and shape, each enclosure features differences in the positioning of I/O, power and expansion ports.

23rd October 2013
Pivoting wall mount rack features adjustable depth

Hammond expands its already popular line of wall mount racking products with the launch of a new adjustable depth pivoting wall mount rack. Designed to easily mount network equipment in IT environments with limited floor space, the new Hammond Wall Mount Rack integrates both depth adjustment and pivoting swing out capabilities in one rugged open rack system.

8th October 2013
Hammond expands 1455 instrument case range

Additional models have been added to the 1455 Series of extruded aluminium instrument cases from Hammond Electronics, extending the family to 22 different sizes. In addition, all sizes are now available with a blue anodised finish. Primarily designed to house PCBs, mounted horizontally into internal slots in the body of the case, they can also be used to house any small electronic, electrical or pneumatic components.

1st July 2013
Hold On! Hammond Electronics Expand Handle Range

Hammond Electronics has added a further 24 variants to its extensive range of handles, which are designed to complement enclosures, subracks, chassis, drawers and panels used in the electronic, networking, broadcasting and electrical markets. All styles of handle have pleasing modern lines that will enhance any enclosure or subrack to which they are fitted.

13th May 2013
Hammond’s New Hand-Held Enclosures For Today’s Electronics: The 1553T And The 1599 Tablet

Designed for portable applications where touchscreens and electro-mechanical controllers such as joysticks and rollerballs are used, the new 1599 Tablet enclosure from Hammond Electronics features a low profile rounded ergonomic design, which fits comfortably into the hand to prevent operator fatigue during extended period of use.

28th February 2013
Hammond Unveil Tablet Format Enclosure For Portable Controllers And Instruments

Designed for portable applications where touchscreens and electro-mechanical controllers such as joysticks and rollerballs are used, the new 1599 Tablet enclosure from Hammond Electronics features a low profile rounded ergonomic design, which fits comfortably into the hand to prevent operator fatigue during extended periods of use.

4th February 2013
Hammond Unveil The Series 2000 Modular Console System

The Series 2000 console range from Hammond Manufacturing which enables complex control desks to be created from standard parts is now available in both RAL7035 light grey and stainless steel. The system allows units to be stacked in multiple combinations to provide equipment support and display functions exactly where they are required. The system is so versatile that the range of applications that can be served from the standard components and a...

28th November 2012
1553T hand-held T cases from Hammond

Hammond Electronics’ new 1553T range of T cases is designed for use in a wide variety of hand-held instrumentation, data capture and controller application across all industries. Initially available in two sizes, 165 x 80 x 28mm and 210 x 100 x 32mm, the enclosures feature recessed areas for keypads and displays and are available with our without a battery compartment.

8th February 2012
Hammond Manufacturing Announces New Brand for Economy Product Line

The next time you are heading to your favourite DataComm distributor to purchase a Hammond Rack or Cabinet, you may notice a new line of products offered by Hammond. Hammond’s new line of rack and cabinets named RACK BASICS will offer contractors with a quality economy option at a competitive price.

29th March 2011
Hammond: retro chic

Bringing back the elegance and style of a forgotten age, two new ranges of desktop chassis from Hammond Electronics are now available. All three models are ideal for high-end hi-fi equipment, other consumer-facing products where appearance is as important as function and for retro-styled instrumentation. The HWCAS consists of a complete walnut frame fitted with aluminium top and optional base panels, available with either a black powder coat or n...

21st January 2011
Additional sizes of IP54 and IP66 industry-standard aluminium die-cast enclosures

A further nine sizes have been added to Hammond Electronics’ 1550 family, a range of industry standard sizes small die-cast aluminium enclosures that provide robust mechanical protection and good EMC attenuation levels. The tapped holes and machine screws used to secure the lid make them particularly suitable for use where interior access will be required on a regular basis in a wide variety of applications.

9th December 2010
IP67 wall mounted enclosures for harsh environments

The new 1555F range from Hammond Electronics is a family of rugged IP67 sealed enclosures designed for wall mounting PCB-based or DIN rail based equipment such as security components, control equipment and radio repeaters used in harsh industrial environments or outdoor applications. Available in RAL 7035 light gray and moulded in either general purpose ABS or flameproof polycarbonate, the units have a number of innovative features that provide e...

27th October 2010
Hammond Manufacturing Launches New Swing-Out Wall Mount Cabinet

Hammond Manufacturing Co. Ltd. launches the new swing-out wall mount cabinet, a new addition to its already popular line of wall mount racking products. The new Hammond Wall Mount (HWM) cabinet was designed with the technical professional in mind. The new design enables the cabinet to be installed in less time using fewer installers than similar cabinets of its size. The strength of our new cabinet comes from the heavy duty spring hinge pin, says...

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