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22nd January 2018
Transducer delivers improved die casting performance

  Manufacturing precision pneumatic and electro-pneumatic industrial control components, Fairchild have introduced electro-pneumatic transducers into a recent application which has improved the performance of die casting machinery and reduced overall costs.

6th September 2016
Automotive-qualified bare die IGBTs advance traction inverters

A series of bare die IGBTs meet hybrid/plug-in hybrid, fuel-cell and battery-powered EV requirements, write Fabio Necco and Roy Davis, Fairchild Semiconductor

2nd September 2016
Buck-boost regulator minds brownout in mobile devices

  Digitally programmable buck-boost regulators from Fairchild Semiconductor, are claimed to be its most advanced for power supplies in battery powered mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

27th July 2016
USB Type-C controllers are first to be compatible with latest updates

The global supplier of high-performance semiconductor solutions, Fairchild, has announced that its FUSB302 family of USB Type-C controllers are the industry’s first to be compatible with the latest updates to the USB Type-C standard, including Power Delivery (PD) specification. This enables manufacturers using the FUSB302 to easily support all current and previous versions of the USB Type-C specifications in their products.

26th July 2016
Active bridge solution targets PoE-based IoT devices

Fairchild has announced a next-gen device for applications that receive power via PoE, such as security cameras, wireless access points, LED lighting and other Powered Devices (PDs). Designers can lower operating temperature, increase efficiency and reduce the solution size of their devices by taking advantage of the FDMQ8205’s best-in-class RdsON performance, extremely small form factor and superior thermal performance.

20th May 2016
Easily scale power & create smart LED-based lighting

The initial offering from the company's LED Direct AC Drive family, the FL77944 solid-state LED lighting solution has been introduced by Fairchild Semiconductor. Manufacturers can use this device to easily scale power and create smart and scalable LED-based lighting products that can be smaller, have higher performance and a longer system lifetime compared to products using the SMPS approach.

18th May 2016
Discrete and bare die IGBTs target EVs & HEVs

Expanding its growing portfolio of automotive-grade semiconductor solutions for EVs, HEVs and PHEVs, Fairchild has introduced discrete and bare die IGBTs and diodes. These IGBTs and diodes are suited for traction inverters, a core component of all EVs, HEVs and PHEVs that convert the batteries’ electricity from direct current into the three-phase alternating current required by the vehicles’ drive motors.

22nd March 2016
100V MOSFET reduces voltage ringing and EMI

Delivering improvements in efficiency, reduced voltage ringing and lower EMI are promised for power supplies, motor drives and other applications requiring a 100V MOSFET. Fairchild has added the FDMS86181, 100V, shielded n-channel MOSFET to its PowerTrench range.

15th March 2016
SiC diode has low EMI for solar inverters

  Switching performance and low EMI combine in the 1,200V SiC diode from Fairchild. It is designed for high-speed solar inverters and industrial applications.

14th January 2016
Add motion intelligence & accelerate time-to-market

Enabling the fast integration of motion intelligence into any system, a series of highly accurate motion tracking modules has been introduced Fairchild. The FMT1000 series is suited for applications including drones, autonomous vehicles, unmanned systems, heavy industry, construction, agriculture, VR headsets and camera and platform stabilisation.

30th October 2015
USB Type-C solution selected for Meizu’s PRO 5 smartphone

Fairchild has announced that its FUSB302, from the industry’s first family of programmable USB Type-C controllers with Power Delivery (PD), is a key component of the new PRO 5 smartphone from Meizu, a major Chinese smartphone manufacturer.

6th October 2015
LLC resonant controller features synchronous rectification

Claimed to provide best-in-class efficiency for isolated DC/DC converters, Fairchild Semiconductor has launched an advanced LLC resonant controller with Synchronous Rectification (SR). The unique features and superior efficiency of the FAN7688 enables manufacturers to improve the reliability and efficiency of the power supplies for server, telecomms, industrial, PC and TV applications.

27th August 2015
First mid-voltage MOSFET in an 8x8 dual cool package

Fairchild has introduced what the company claims to be the industry's first mid-voltage MOSFET technology in a Dual Cool 8x8mm package. The Dual Cool 88 MOSFET gives power conversion engineers a first-of-its-kind alternative to bulky D2-PAK packages at half the size with higher power density, superior efficiency and better cooling via air flow above and beneath the package.

22nd May 2015
Proprietary cell technology reduces switching losses

Silicon has been made more robust, claims Fairchild Semiconductor, at the announcement of its fourth generation Field Stop (FS) IGBTs. The IGBTs will target solar and battery chargers as well as UPS, where fast switching and low conduction losses can reduce system cost and increase power density.

19th May 2015
USB device solution features low standby power

Fairchild has announced that its first commercial USB Type-C devices are shipping in LeTV’s recently launched Le 1, Le 1 Pro and Le MAX series smartphones. Fairchild’s latest USB solution integrates all key features of the latest Type-C connector in an amazingly tiny 1.2x1.2mm WLCSP package.

6th May 2015
Reducing losses in motor inverters

JunHo Lee, Fairchild Semiconductor looks at methods for reducing power switching energy loss and negative drive voltage stress in motor inverters.

1st April 2015
MOSFETs target hybrid & plug-in hybrid EVs

  MOSFET and rectifier families, designed to enable cleaner and smarter vehicles, have been introduced by Fairchild. The devices are particularly suitable for increasing the power ratings of onboard chargers and DC/DC converters used in hybrid and plug-in hybrid EVs. 

17th March 2015
Extended temperature, mid-voltage MOSFETs operate at +175°C

Expanding the company's line of Extended Temperature (ET) mid-voltage MOSFETs, which can operate at +175°C, Fairchild has announced a family of 19 new devices. According to the manufacturer, the higher operating temperatures enable up to 85% greater power density and three times more reliability than MOSFETs rated to the +150°C industry standard.

12th March 2015
MOSFETs cover 60mΩ to 4.3Ω RDS(ON) range

Fairchild has introduced its 800V SuperFET II MOSFET family, featuring broad package offerings and the industry’s lowest RDS(ON) and COSS. The family enables designers to improve the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and reliability of high performance solutions requiring a breakdown voltage higher than 650V, and also reduces PCB space for these designs by enabling the elimination of components.

10th March 2015
MOSFETs deliver the 'industry's lowest' Rds(on)

A MOSFET family, which is claimed to feature the industry’s lowest RDS(ON) and output capacitance (Coss), has been introduced by Fairchild. The 800V SuperFET II MOSFETs enables designers to improve the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and reliability of high performance solutions requiring breakdown voltage higher than 600V/650V, and also reduces the board space of these designs by enabling the elimination of components.

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