Discrete and bare die IGBTs target EVs & HEVs

18th May 2016
Nat Bowers

Expanding its growing portfolio of automotive-grade semiconductor solutions for EVs, HEVs and PHEVs, Fairchild has introduced discrete and bare die IGBTs and diodes. These IGBTs and diodes are suited for traction inverters, a core component of all EVs, HEVs and PHEVs that convert the batteries’ electricity from direct current into the three-phase alternating current required by the vehicles’ drive motors.

All of these discrete and bare die IGBTs and diodes use advanced 3rd gen Field Stop Trench IGBT technology and a soft fast recovery diode qualified to automotive-grade standards and have additional features and options. The combination of these technologies, features and options enables Fairchild to provide products with a very tight parametric distribution for both discrete and bare die solutions.

Sergio Fissore, Vice President and General Manager, Automotive Business Unit, Fairchild, commented: “Our new discrete and bare die IGBTs and diodes are compelling options for automakers and their suppliers that require performance, reliability and flexibility to build the traction inverters best suited to their specific requirements."

Fairchild’s FGY160T65SPD_F085 and FGY120T65SPD_F085 discrete IGBTs are well-suited to traction inverters and other EV/HEV/PHEV powertrain components that require high power density and high reliability.

“An additional enhancement to their robustness is extra screening at final testing that addresses the specific needs of traction inverters applications and is applied to 100% finished goods. Along with a best-in-class 650V breakdown voltage, which is 50V higher than existing solutions, this extra step provides further protection against electrical overstress," added Fabio Necco, Director of the H/EV product line, Fairchild.

Complementing their performance and reliability is the flexibility these discrete IGBTs give designers to customise their products. Designers can simply add IGBTs in parallel to achieve the required system power rating, while also improving the overall efficiency of their traction inverter or other powertrain component designs.

Fairchild is also announcing availability of its PCGA200T65NF8, PCRKA20065F8, PCGA300T65DF8 and PCRKA30065F8 bare die IGBTs and diodes for automakers and automotive parts suppliers building their own power modules for high-performance traction inverters and other motor-driving components.

The bare die IGBTs are available with integrated monolithic current sense and temperature sense to provide additional levels of protection. They can also be customised to meet special requirements. Options include changing the gate pad size and location to accommodate different diameters of aluminium wire, resizing the die and customising the breakdown voltage and other electrical parameters. A solderable top metal version is also available and is designed for advanced wire bondless assembly technologies such as soldering technologies as sintering.

Fairchild is also expanding its portfolio with a new automotive-grade module currently in development, which integrates IGBTs, freewheeling diodes and gate drivers in one electrically-isolated package. It­­ is suited for auxiliary motor control applications such as oil pumps and A/C compressors and it is the smallest solution in the market, simplifying the power stage design, assembly and improving the EMI performance. The power module is sampling now and will be available in production quantity in June.

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