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17th July 2020
DC/DC converter modules increases computing efficiencies

  A demonstration board combines Microchip’s DSCs and EPC’s eGaN FETs to raise power density and efficiency in DC conversion. The brick DC/DC converter targets data centres, telecomms and automotive applications.

29th June 2020
Going for GaN in converter designs

  A high power 1/16th brick converter using GaN FETs could increase maximum load current in 1/16th brick converter designs, compared with MOSFET designs

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26th June 2020
EPC reveals presence at PCIM Europe Digital Days

The team from Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) will be delivering three technical presentations and participating in two panel discussions on gallium nitride (GaN) technology and applications at the upcoming PCIM Europe 2020 Digital Days, (July 7 – 8).

17th June 2020
EPC Space targeting radiation hardened power electronics

Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) and VPT have announced the establishment of EPC Space, a joint venture focused on designing and manufacturing radiation hardened (Rad Hard) GaN-on-silicon transistors and ICs packaged, tested, and qualified for satellite and high-reliability applications.

7th April 2020
Podcast on GaN transistors and integrated circuits

Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) Corporation has posted an update to its popular ‘How to GaN’ video podcast series. These updated videos are based on the recently published third edition textbook, ‘GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion’.

18th March 2020
Power stage IC family is based on eGaN FET technology

The EPC2152 is a monolithic 80V, 12.5A power stage IC for 48V DC/DC conversion in high-density computing, motor drives for e-mobility and Class D audio applications.

10th January 2020
Demonstration board uses eGaN FETS to develop ToF in automotive applications

  Time of flight (ToF) relies on fast and accurate object detection. In automotive design, it is used in lidar systems for safety systems in advanced driver assisted systems (ADAS).

20th November 2019
Go-ahead for GaN

  It’s getting harder to avoid using GaN power transistors and ICs, says Alex Lidow, Efficient Power Conversion

16th October 2019
eGan FET wins AEC Q101 qualification

EPC has been achieved successful AEC Q101 qualification of its 15V EPC2216 eGaN FET. It is designed for lidar applications where increased accuracy is vital such as in self-driving cars and other time-of-flight (TOF) applications including facial recognition, warehouse automation, drones and mapping.

8th October 2019
GaN textbook with power conversion applications focus

Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) announce the publication of the third edition of ‘GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion’, a textbook written by power conversion industry experts and published by John Wiley and Sons. It is designed to provide power system design engineering students, as well as practising engineers, basic technical and application-focused information on how to design more efficient power conversio...

12th August 2019
GaN technology is transforming medicine

  GaN is making possible what was once thought to be impossible in many industries. Alex Lidow, EPC, explains how GaN technology is contributing to significant improvements in medicine  

21st January 2019
AEC-qualified FETs exploit GaN technology for autonomous vehicles

  The EPC2206, and EPC2212 eGaN FETs by Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) are both discrete transistors in wafer level chip-scale packaging (WLCS) with 80 and 100V DS ratings respectively. They have received AEC Q101-qualification and will be joined by more discrete transistors and ICs designed for the harsh automotive environment, says the company.

2nd May 2018
Two eGaN discrete transistors are qualified to AEC Q101 for automotive use

  Two eGaN discrete transistors are qualified to AEC Q101 for automotive applications, announces Efficient Power Conversion (EPC). The company believes the certification brings its eGaN technology to vehicle design.

26th April 2018
GaN transistor is x20 smaller than silicon option

  Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) claims that its 350V eGaN power transistor is 20 times smaller than the comparable silicon. This makes it suitable for use in multi-level converters, for EV charging, solar power inverters and motor drives. 

8th March 2018
GaN-based development board reduces power supply size

  A five-phase development board by Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) demonstrates the reduction in size and the enhanced efficiency for power conversion that can be achieved using high frequency switching eGaN power transistors, says the company.

3rd January 2018
GaN transistor shrinks by a factor of eight compared with MOSFETs

A 40V gallium nitride (GaN) power transistor from Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) is eight times smaller than equivalently-rated MOSFETS.

30th October 2017
Board reduces development time in evaluating eGaN

  Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) has announced the EPC9086 half-bridge development board with a 30V eGaN and Peregrine Semiconductor's gate driver.

4th October 2017
Demonstration kits show versatility of AirFuel-resonant power transfer

  Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) has released two demonstration kits, the EPC9127 and EPC9128, that show GaN FETs and ICs can be used in resonant wireless power transfer systems.

11th August 2017
GaN FETs demonstrate AirFuel wireless charging

 A demonstration kit from Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) targets Class 4 AirFuel Alliance-compatible wireless power for wireless charging and is based on the company's eGaN FETs.

20th January 2017
Evaluation board demonstrates LiDAR in automotives

To demonstrate how eGaN FETs can drive laser diodes to enhance LiDAR measuring systems used in vehicles for accuracy and processing speed, Efficient Power Conversion offers the EPC9126.

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