Latest GaN FET doubles power density in small form factor, says EPC

16th November 2022
Caroline Hayes

GAN power FET and IC provider, Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) launches the EPC2619, its latest GaN FET.

The EPC2619 doubles the performance of the company’s earlier generation of GaN devices. The 80V GaN FET is smaller than traditional MOSFETs with a 1.5 x 2.5mm footprint. At 4mΩ RDS(on) it has double the power density of earlier EPC GaN FETs. The maximum RDS(on)) x area is 15 mΩ*mm2, which is five times smaller than 80V silicon MOSFETs, and the typical RDS(on)x QGD, is 10 times better than 80V silicon MOSFETs, says the company.

The power density figure makes it suitable for DC/DC conversion, in e-bikes and e-scooters, for example, as well as solar optimisers, motor drives, and synchronous rectification for 12 to 20V chargers, adapters and TV power supplies.

The MOSFET also enables switching frequencies that are 10 times higher than silicon MOSFETs without an efficiency penalty, claims EPC, for hihh frequency, hard switching 24 to 48V applications, such as used in buck, buck-boost, and boost converters.

With regards to power losses in soft-switching applications, the typical RDS(on) x QOSS is 87mΩ*nC, which is two times better than 80V silicon MOSFETs, EPC reports. Typical applications are as the primary rectification full bridge for LLC-based DCX DC/DC converters.

There is also a development board, the EPC90153, which is a half bridge featuring the EPC2619 GaN FET. It is designed for 80V maximum device voltage and 30A maximum output current. It measures 2.0 x 2.0 (50.8 x 50.8mm).

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