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CUI Devices is an electronic components manufacturer specialising in an ever-expanding range of product technologies. Formerly part of CUI Inc, you can trace their roots back to 1989 just outside of Portland, Oregon. In September of 2019, a group of senior managers deeply involved in the historical growth of CUI Inc - and with over 15 years of average tenure - spun-off part of the business. Thus, CUI Devices was born, offering a wide range of Interconnect, Audio, Thermal Management, Motion, and Sensor solutions.

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16th September 2021
Reliability Considerations for Peltier Modules

Peltier modules, also known as thermoelectric coolers (TEC) or thermoelectric modules (TEM), are solid state devices which transfer heat when electrical power is applied. This blog post will provide an overview of Peltier module construction followed by a summary of common failure mechanisms and ways to improve TEC reliability.

18th August 2021
How to select a Peltier module

What is a Peltier module and how do you select the right one for your application? As a quick overview, a Peltier module is a semiconductor device that, once a current passes through it, it actively transfers heat from one side of the module to another.

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5th August 2021
Comparing MEMS and Electret Condenser Microphones (ECM)

MEMS microphones and Electret Condenser Microphones (ECMs) are the two most common technologies used for voice capture and audio recording.

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5th August 2021
Absolute vs. Incremental Encoders - what’s the difference?

When you need to measure the speed, direction of motion, or position of a rotating shaft, you will likely require a rotary encoder.

14th July 2021
Power-only USB Type C receptacle goes vertical

CUI Devices’ Interconnect Group has announced the continued expansion of their power-only USB Type C receptacle line with the introduction of a vertically-oriented model. The UJC-VP-3-SMT-TR joins the existing 60W UJC-HP-3-SMT-TR and 100W UJC-HP-G-SMT-TR , which both feature horizontal, surface mount packages.

29th June 2021
Incremental encoder supports extended resolution options

CUI Devices’ Motion Group has announced the introduction of a new model to its AMT incremental encoder family. Based on the existing AMT10 series package, the new AMT10E series offers 13 new resolutions not possible in the standard version, including the common 1250 PPR, 2500 PPR, and 5120 PPR resolutions.

28th May 2021
eBook offers a complete guide to thermal management

CUI Devices’ Thermal Management Group has announced the release of a free, comprehensive ebook on the topic of thermal management. As an almost inescapable factor in electronic design, managing heat is often an afterthought during the design phase.

7th May 2021
Slide switches product line added to portfolio

CUI Devices’ Switches Group has announced the addition of slide switches to its product portfolio. Available in compact package sizes as small as 10x2.5x5.9mm, the MSS series is a family of mini slide switches featuring 2.54mm pitches, SPDT circuits, and on-on switch functions.

4th March 2021
Micro rotary DIP switches for space-constrained designs

CUI Devices’ Switches Group has announced the addition of micro rotary actuator types to its DIP switches product line. Housed in compact 7.2x7.2x2.9mm packages, the RDS-7229 series features four, ten, or 16 positions, a 5.08mm pitch, and surface mount or through hole mounting styles.

17th February 2021
Ultrasonic sensors product line added to portfolio

CUI Devices’ Sensors Group has announced the addition of ultrasonic sensors to its product portfolio. Offering a range of transmitter, receiver, and transceiver options with analogue outputs, the ultrasonic sensors feature distance ratings from 0.2 up to 18m and beam angles of 75 or 80o.

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13th January 2021
Understanding audio jack switches and schematics

Audio jacks have been around for decades and are used in a wide variety of applications. 

16th December 2020
Panel mount encoder series adds plastic shaft options

CUI Devices’ Motion Group has announced the addition of plastic shaft actuator options to its C14 family of optical panel mount encoders. Suited for a range of ventilator and associated medical applications, these two-bit, quadrature output encoders feature incremental resolutions of 16 or 32 PPR and multiple termination types including cable, header, PCB pins, and solder holes.

2nd December 2020
USB Type C receptacle delivers power up to 100W

CUI Devices’ Interconnect Group has announced the latest addition to their line of power-only USB Type C connectors. The UJC-HP-G-SMT-TR is an 8-pin USB Type C receptacle with the full 100W of power delivery supported by USB Type C with its five amp current rating and 20 Vdc voltage rating.

1st December 2020
CUI devices adds switches group with DIP line

CUI Devices has announced the first launch from their Switches Group with the introduction of a new line of DIP switches. Available in piano, rotary, and slide actuator types, the DIP switches offer 1.27, 2.54, or 5.08 mm pitches, one to 16 positions, and surface mount or through hole mounting styles.

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25th November 2020
How to select a peltier module

Peltier modules, also known as thermoelectric coolers, are semiconductor devices that actively transfer heat from one side of the module to the other when a current is applied.

24th November 2020
The evolution of USB Type C in power-only applications

Since their inception over two decades ago, USB connectors and their associated standards have gone through an array of advancements to both their data transfer rates and power capabilities as well as multiple iterations of the physical connector itself. Introduced in 2014, USB Type C is the latest physical standard, well-recognised for its simplified, bi-directional package, higher data rates, and greater power delivery. By Jeff Smoot, CUI Devi...

27th October 2020
Digital I2S outputs added to MEMS microphone line

CUI Devices’ Audio Group has announced the addition of digital I2S output models to its comprehensive line of MEMS microphones. The bottom port CMM-3526D-261-I2S-TR and top port CMM-4030D-261-I2S-TR are housed in extremely compact, low profile packages measuring 3.50x2.65x0.98mm and 4.00x3.00x1.25mm, respectively.

7th October 2020
Micro Peltier modules offer compact footprints

CUI Devices’ Thermal Management Group today announced the expansion of its Peltier module product line with the addition of micro Peltier modules. Carrying compact package sizes with dimensions from 3.4 to 9.5 mm and profiles as low as 1.95 mm, these micro Peltier modules offer reliable solid-state construction, precise temperature control, and quiet operation for space-constrained designs where forced air cooling is not an option.

10th September 2020
CUI Devices adds IP67 rated models to enclosed speaker line

CUI Devices’ Audio Group today announced the addition of waterproof enclosed speakers to its CES product family. Carrying IP67 ratings, these enclosed speakers feature sound pressure levels (SPLs) from 89 to 106 dB at 10cm and resonance frequencies from 680 to 1,700Hz.

9th September 2020
Monitoring, control, and protection options in DC fans

DC fans are called upon by engineers in many situations and applications to provide forced-air convection cooling. Thanks to their widespread use, they are relatively easy to understand and can be implemented in a variety of configurations.  By CUI Devices

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