CUI devices new illuminated buzzer models

16th November 2023
Sheryl Miles

CUI Devices' Audio Group has unveiled new illuminated models in its buzzer product line.

The CLI family consists of piezo audio indicator buzzers, available in a variety of illumination colours, including blue, green, red, and yellow. These buzzers are designed with an integrated driving circuit, streamlining the design process for applications requiring both audible and visual alerts.

The illuminated buzzers from CUI Devices feature sound pressure levels of 83 or 95dB, options for panel mount or through-hole mounting styles, and a rated voltage of 12Vdc. Encased in round packages, with diameters as small as 13.8mm and profiles as low as 7.5mm, these models offer constant tones and can operate in temperatures ranging from –20 to 100°C. The CLI-3224 models are also equipped with IP68 ratings, ensuring durability against moisture and dust in challenging environments.

The CLI family of illuminated buzzers is now available, with prices starting at £3.37 per unit for orders of 500 pieces through distribution. For OEM pricing, contact CUI Devices.

For additional resources and tools on audio components, CUI Devices’ Resource Library is available, featuring a variety of blog posts, videos, and other informative content.


  • Product name: Illuminated Buzzers
  • Availability: stock to 8 weeks
  • Potential users: applications requiring both audible and visual alerts
  • Key features: range of illumination colours, integrated driving circuits
  • Cost: £3.37 per unit for 500 pieces through distribution

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