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CUI Devices is an electronic components manufacturer specialising in an ever-expanding range of product technologies. Formerly part of CUI Inc, you can trace their roots back to 1989 just outside of Portland, Oregon. In September of 2019, a group of senior managers deeply involved in the historical growth of CUI Inc - and with over 15 years of average tenure - spun-off part of the business. Thus, CUI Devices was born, offering a wide range of Interconnect, Audio, Thermal Management, Motion, and Sensor solutions.

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16th September 2019
Capacitive incremental encoder supports increased shaft sizes

CUI Devices have announced the addition of a new series to its innovative AMT incremental encoder family to support larger motor shaft sizes from nine to 15.875 mm. The AMT13 series, based on CUI Devices' proprietary capacitive ASIC technology, brings the same high levels of durability, accuracy, and immunity to environmental particulates as current AMT encoder models.

Test & Measurement
3rd September 2019
How to achieve temperature control with a peltier module system

A Peltier module, also known as a thermoelectric module, is a powerful device for thermal management, for use in applications such as laser products. When a current is passed through the module a temperature differential is created, causing one side to be hot while the other is cold. Depending on the design of the module and the applied voltage and current, a temperature differential over 100°C can be achieved. By Bruce Rose, Principal Appli...

11th July 2019
Beamforming arrays with MEMS microphones

Offering small size, low power consumption and affordability, MEMS microphones are chosen by designers for a wide variety of applications including tablets, desktop computers, headsets and teleconferencing terminals, as well as specialist equipment such as environmental noise monitors and equipment for surveillance and law enforcement. By Bruce Rose, Principal Applications Engineer at CUI Devices

21st June 2019
Terminal block connectors introduced to interconnect portfolio

  CUI Devices has announced the addition of terminal block connectors to its existing line of connector products. Featuring up to 24 pole counts, the terminal blocks come available in pluggable, screw type, and screwless configurations with 2.54, 3.50, 3.81, 5.00, 5.08, and 7.62mm pitches.

3rd June 2019
Considering the trade offs of different fan bearing designs

Fans are a vital element of many electronic systems, designed to keep the device operating within recommended temperatures, while making sure the electronics are working at their optimum level. Attempts have been made to find alternative thermal management methods, with none proving as effective and economical as the fan. By Ryan Smoot, CUI Devices

1st May 2019
Understanding the encoder resolution

An incremental rotary encoder can be used to measure rotational direction, speed and angular displacement. The encoder generates two output channels as it rotates, A and B. Each output is a square wave, and in a quadrature encoder, the two outputs are 90° out of phase. By Jason Kelly, Motion Control Design and Applications Engineer, CUI Devices

10th April 2019
Waterproof audio jack connectors carry IP67 ratings

A range of waterproof audio jack connectors with Ingress Protection (IP) ratings of IP67 have been introduced by CUI Devices. The audio jacks are available in surface mount, mid mount SMT, and through hole mounting styles, while featuring right-angle orientations, four conductors, and conformance to the 3.5mm audio standard.

20th March 2019
Comparing analogue and digital MEMS microphone interfaces

MEMS microphones have been steadily expanding opportunities and functionality into a wide range of devices, now adding communication and monitoring capabilities into the mix. Voice-enabled navigation devices and digital home assistants are examples of such devices driving this change and are helping to boost the huge growth in voice-controlled electronics. By Bruce Rose, Principal Applications Engineer, CUI Devices

15th March 2019
USB cable assemblies added to portfolio

A range of USB cables to has been added to CUI Devices' existing portfolio of connector and cable assembly products. The USB cable assemblies come available with USB Type A, USB Type B, Micro B, Mini B, and USB Type C plugs and receptacles, along with dc power plugs, blunt cut, and stripped and tinned terminations.

25th February 2019
Choosing the right buzzer - a review of key buzzer selection criteria

If you are designing products like a home appliance, security panel, a door-entry system or a computer peripheral, you might choose to feature a buzzer as the sole means of interacting with users or as part of a more sophisticated user interface. By Bruce Rose, Principal Applications Engineer, CUI Devices

31st January 2019
Waterproof USB Micro B receptacles feature IP67 ratings

The addition of several waterproof USB connectors with Ingress Protection (IP) ratings of IP67, to its USB product family has been announced by CUI Devices. Offering protection from moisture and environmental contaminants, the connectors are available in USB Micro B and Type C receptacle formats, while conforming to either the USB 2.0 or USB 3.1 Gen 2 standard, depending on the model.

18th January 2019
Design considerations when choosing a MEMS or ECM microphone

Conversational interaction with smart machines such as home digital assistants is a growing trend, and just one that is driving development of new high tech products that can listen to their surroundings, interpret commands, or gather contextual or environmental data. By Bruce Rose, Principal Applications Engineer, CUI Devices.

17th January 2019
MEMS Microphones for a range of portable devices

The introduction of a comprehensive line of MEMS microphones suited for a range of portable electronic devices has been announced by CUI Devices. The range has improved audio quality, performance, and reliability, CUI Devices' CMM series is housed in compact, low profile footprints measuring as small as 2.75x1.85x0.95mm.

8th November 2018
Encoder output choices for best performance and signal integrity

Motion control applications typically require one or more position encoders. Several types are available and the engineer must first decide whether an incremental, absolute, or commutation encoder is most appropriate. After this decision has been made, other selection criteria include resolution and mechanical aspects, such as the mounting pattern and motor shaft size.  By Jason Kelly, Motion Control Design and Applications Engineer, CUI De...

23rd October 2018
Absolute encoder series adds multi-turn output option

  It has been announced by CUI Devices that its AMT21 series of absolute modular encoders has added models with multi-turn output capability. Offering 12 bits or 14 bits of absolute position information, the multi-turn AMT21 series implements a 14-bit signed number turns counter for applications rotating beyond 360 degrees.

1st August 2018
All in one motion control solution

A new line of stepper motors paired with their AMT11 incremental encoder series has been announced by CUI Devices. The NEMA AMT112S stepper servo motor family is available in compact NEMA eight, 11, 14, 17, and 23 frame sizes with a step angle of 1.8° and holding torques ranging from 0.021 to 1.90nm.

1st August 2018
Designing with Peltier modules for precision thermal management

Sometimes cooling needs to be more tightly controlled than a simple heat sink and fan can manage. Rapidly fluctuating loads can make it hard to keep a component at a stable and cool temperature. However, this can often be important when trying to improve signal-to-noise performance or prevent damage to a system. By Bruce Rose, Principal Applications Engineer at CUI Devices

11th July 2018
USB Type-C: a look at data speeds, power delivery, and USB standards

Faster, Stronger, Higher said the Olympic motto: Faster, Smaller, Easier To Use could be an equivalent rallying cry for the electronics industry - and connectivity standards like USB in particular. By Bruce Rose, Principal Applications Engineer, CUI Devices

2nd May 2018
Using switched audio jacks to save space and add value

It appears that many of today’s mobile products are beginning to shun the trusty 2.5mm audio jack, in favor of wireless speakers or headphones. However, for a huge number of other products, this convenient, simple and universally recognised socket continues to offer robust and easy-to-use connectivity. By Ryan Smoot, Technical Support Engineer at CUI Devices

5th April 2018
Low power encoders offer 12-bit and 14-bit resolutions

CUI Devices has announced the addition of two absolute encoder series, outputting 12 bits or 14 bits of single-turn absolute position information, to its line of AMT modular encoders. The AMT21 series, featuring high speed RS-485 communication, and the AMT23 series, designed with a Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI), are based on CUI Devices' proprietary capacitive sensing technology.

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