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8th May 2024
Cervoz new PCIe low-profile Ethernet card

Cervoz has unveiled its new PCIe low-profile Ethernet card to power next-gen factory automation.

11th April 2024
Industrial M.2 NVMe SSDs

Cervoz Industrial M.2 NVMe SSDs are engineered to surpass standard SSDs in performance and reliability.

7th March 2024
Cervoz M.2 2280 LVDS display card

Cervoz has unveiled its M.2 2280 LVDS Display Card, the MEC-DIS-271L for medical and beyond.

29th February 2024
Cervoz solutions in digital world

There is an ever-increasing demand for high-performance displays in rugged industrial applications – from digital signage and medical imaging to gaming and transportation.

15th February 2024
Empowering Edge computing with Cervoz compact solutions

The advent of AIoT and 5G technologies and their requirement for rapid data processing have led to a significant shift from Cloud-based to Edge computing.

17th January 2024
Bringing AI to infinity with Cervoz industrial DDR5 5600

Cervoz has announced the release of its new industrial DDR5 5600 DRAM modules engineering to minimise bottlenecks.

15th November 2023
An in-depth look at embedded SSDs

Embedded Solid State Drives (SSDs) are integral in the tech ecosystem and epitomise the confluence of speed, reliability, and durability in data storage solutions.

20th September 2023
Dual isolated CAN Bus PCIe expansion card released

Cervoz expands its line of industrial modular expansion cards with the CAN Bus module. The new Dual isolated CAN Bus expansion card, MEC-CAN-2802i, provides a simple and cost-effective solution to integrate high-speed CAN Bus ports into any embedded computer system, especially those in hostile environments.

26th May 2023
Mini PCIe 2.5GbE isolated ethernet module for industrial IoT Connectivity

The explosive growth of IoT demands powerful solutions. An interoperable IoT platform is essential to connect and transmit data simultaneously from a vast number of devices.

Events News
10th May 2023
Cervoz to unveil solutions for industry trends at Computex 2023

Cervoz will showcase its new solutions at Computex Exhibition in Taipei from May 30 to June 2 2023. These new products echo prominent application trends, such as AIoT, Factory Automation, Intelligent Transportation, and various other fields.

6th April 2023
Enhancing industrial HMI data processing with Cervoz's storage solutions

As industrial automation continues to expand in various industries, the need for Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems that enable efficient and intuitive control of complex systems is also rising.

1st February 2023
Cervoz announces industrial-grade T441 PCIe Gen 4x4 SSD

The Cervoz T441, NVMe PCIe Gen 4x4 SSD, compared to its predecessor the PCIe Gen. 3 interface, offers twice the bandwidth and data transfer rate.

4th January 2023
Prevent data loss with Cervoz industrial SSDs

In the era of 5G/AIoT, massive numbers of devices are interconnected, resulting in a large amount of real-time data that needs to be collected, processed, and analysed.

7th December 2022
Sci-fi movie-like air traffic is way nearer than you imagined

As the population rockets in cities around the world, urban transportation infrastructures, like roads, highways, subways, and railways, have fallen behind in meeting traffic needs, leading to traffic congestion worldwide.

7th November 2022
How AI is reshaping the Edge computing landscape

How much computing power is needed at the Edge? How much memory and storage are enough for AI at the Edge?

3rd November 2022
Boosting digital health with RPM

Cervoz Technology, a global storage and memory solution provider, announces solutions for Remote Patient Monitoring to boost digital health.

19th October 2022
Bringing performance & reliability to AIoT applications

Cervoz announces the industrial M.2 solutions for data storage and embedded expansion s to meet the demand of AIoT applications.

24th August 2022
A New Space Race: LEO Satellite in 5G Networks

A revolution in space networking is rising thanks to a wave of innovation in Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites. According to McKinsey, around 50,000 satellites will be orbiting in space above our heads by 2030.

10th August 2022
Power over ethernet modular expansion card

Cervoz launches power over ethernet modular expansion card for various industrial applications.

13th June 2022
Your Cervoz guide to Embedded World 2022

This year, Cervoz returns to Embedded World 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany, with new products echoing trending intelligent transportation, industrial automation, 5G networking and edge computing applications.

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