Empowering Edge computing with Cervoz compact solutions

15th February 2024
Paige West

The advent of AIoT and 5G technologies and their requirement for rapid data processing have led to a significant shift from Cloud-based to Edge computing.

This transition necessitates data processing in environments that may experience wide temperature fluctuations, vibrations, and limited space, highlighting the importance of resilient Edge devices.

Cervoz is capitalising on the growing Edge computing market by expanding its product portfolio with compact solutions, including enhanced SSDs, DRAM, and Modular Expansion Cards, tailored for the Edge computing requirements.

Introducing Cervoz’s NVMe M.2 SSDs and connectivity solutions for Edge computing

Cervoz has launched its new compact PCIe Gen. 3x2 SSDs, the T421 M.2 2242 (B+M key) and T425 M.2 2230 (A+E key). These SSDs are designed for space efficiency and low power consumption, offering superior performance ideal for fanless embedded PCs and motherboards in specialised Edge applications.

Moreover, Cervoz is at the forefront of connectivity solutions development, providing options like Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Serial, USB, and CAN Bus in various M.2 sizes (2230 A+E key and 2242/2260/2280 B+M key). The M.2 (B+M key) card, initially in a 2280 size, can be adapted to fit 2260 or 2242 slots, facilitating easy system upgrades without compromising connectivity, crucial for Edge devices.

Enhancing DRAM options for increased efficiency

In Edge computing, particularly for AI applications, selecting the right DRAM is essential for achieving high performance with minimal power use. Cervoz recommends a minimum of 8GB of DRAM, with options extending up to 32GB for more demanding tasks. Cervoz offers DDR4 SO-DIMMs/VLP SO-DIMMs (up to 3200MHz) and DDR5 SO-DIMMs (up to 4800MHz) in capacities ranging from 4GB to 32GB, ensuring speed and efficiency for Edge AI applications.

Addressing thermal management for optimal performance

Efficient thermal management is critical in Edge computing, especially in high-performance settings with space constraints. Cervoz integrates Dynamic Thermal Throttling technology into its flash products to prevent SSD overheating during intense data processing. Additionally, the Cervoz FlashMonitor software enables real-time temperature monitoring and management, maintaining optimal device performance.

Explore Edge computing solutions with Cervoz

For those seeking to leverage Edge computing, Cervoz provides an extensive selection of compact SSDs, high-speed DRAM, and modular expansion cards with effective thermal management.

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