Dual isolated CAN Bus PCIe expansion card released

20th September 2023
Paige West

Cervoz expands its line of industrial modular expansion cards with the CAN Bus module. The new Dual isolated CAN Bus expansion card, MEC-CAN-2802i, provides a simple and cost-effective solution to integrate high-speed CAN Bus ports into any embedded computer system, especially those in hostile environments.

Seamless integration of CAN communication and industrial expansion card functionality

The MEC-CAN-2802i expansion card incorporates an advanced M.2 2280 Dual Isolated CAN Bus module, supporting up to nine different communication speeds ranging from 10Kbps to 1Mbps, catering to diverse application requirements. With this industrial-grade expansion card, industries such as industrial automation, control systems, and vehicle management can benefit from enhanced and efficient communication solutions.

Enhanced stability and security

MEC-CAN-2802i ensures seamless communication with robust serial line protection and up to 15kV ESD protection onboard. These features safeguard against interference and static discharge, ensuring secure data transmission. Additionally, its 2.5kV galvanic isolation prevents direct electrical connections between circuits, enhancing stability and performance in industrial environments.

Extend industrial PC capabilities effortlessly

By equipping industrial PCs with the MEC-CAN-2802i CAN Bus expansion card, users can effortlessly expand their CAN communication capabilities, transforming them into powerful communication hubs. The card utilises a standard M.2 slot, making it compatible with existing M.2 slots and easy to install without complex hardware configurations. Moreover, the versatility of the MEC-CAN-2802i is underscored by its inclusive standard package, which incorporates various accessories like brackets and a DB9 cable, tailored to accommodate diverse applications.

Meeting industrial environment requirements

Supporting a wide temperature range from icy -40°C to scorching +85°C, the MEC-CAN-2802i expansion card showcases its remarkable ability to thrive amidst extreme thermal challenges. This broad operational range makes it a stalwart performer in environments where temperature fluctuations are the norm rather than the exception. It is the ideal choice for stable operation in demanding industrial environments.

With the introduction of the MEC-CAN-2802i, Cervoz continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing innovative and reliable solutions for the ever-expanding landscape of industrial and embedded systems, driving advancements in the IoT and industrial automation domain.

Product feature

  • Dual CAN Bus 2.0B backward compatible with 2.0A
  • Compliant with ISO 11898
  • Support port to computer isolation 2.5kV
  • Compliant with EN61000-4-2 (ESD) Air-15kV, Contact-8kV
  • Baud rate up to 1Mbps
  • Wide-range operating: -40℃~+85℃
  • Software Support: Linux & Windows


  • Vehicles
  • Automation
  • Embedded PCs

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