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Events News
3rd August 2020
Ampleon confirms attendance at IMS 2020 virtual event

Ampleon will be participating at the virtual International Microwave Symposium (IMS) that will be live-streaming from August 4 to August 6, 2020.

7th July 2020
915MHz RF LDMOS module speeds time to market

A complete 600-Watt RF Power LDMOS module for industrial, scientific and medical applications operating in the 915MHz ISM frequency band has been introduced by Ampleon.

3rd July 2020
LDMOS RF power transistors reach 80% efficiency

Two additions have strengthened Ampleon’s 9th generation line-up of high-performance 50V Si LDMOS high-efficiency RF power transistors.

17th January 2020
500W LDMOS transistor saves space, cuts costs

The BLP05H9S500P LDMOS-based power amplifier transistor from Ampleon is designed for use in industrial heating, defrosting, plasma lighting and medical applications. Operating at a frequency range of between 423 to 443MHz, the device can deliver up to 500W output power in pulsed or continuous wave modes and enables so far untapped drain efficiency levels of typically 75%.

Aerospace & Defence
26th September 2019
12V LDMOS transistors boast excellent linearity

Ampleon has bolstered its land mobile radio portfolio with a line of 12V laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) transistors. This new 12V LDMOS platform is based upon the proven 9th generation of Ampleon’s LDMOS technology and will target commercial, public safety and defence mobile radio applications.

Events News
23rd September 2019
EuMW 2019: LDMoS and GaN solutions promenade in Paris

During European Microwave Week 2019 in Paris, Ampleon will participate in the exhibition, present several technical papers and sponsor the European Microwave Student Design Competition Thrust 2 “Wideband Power Amplifier Biasing Network Design” element.

3rd June 2019
RF power technology innovations at IMS 2019

At the IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS) held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Ampleon announced it will participate in order to introduce its wide variety of new LDMOS and GaN solutions targeting telecom, aerospace and defence, NCC, ISM, cooking and defrosting applications.

9th May 2019
Rugged RF power LDMOS transistor for ISM applications

The first of a family of RF power devices based upon its Advanced Rugged Technology (ART) derivative of the proven 9th generation high voltage LDMOS process technology, has been released by Ampleon. The process has been developed to enable the implementation of extremely rugged transistors with operating voltages of up to 65V.

8th April 2019
Efficient power transistor enables compact amplifier designs

A high-efficiency 750W RF power transistor has been announced by Ampleon, with the BLF0910H9LS750P, which has a high efficiency of 72.5% at 915MHz and a rugged design. The device operates at frequencies from 902MHz to 928MHz making it suitable for use in industrial, scientific, and medical systems, as well as for professional cooking applications.

16th January 2019
High power RF transistor targets a range of energy applications

Designed for pulsed and CW applications operating in the 2,400 to 2,500MHz frequency range, the 500W BLC2425M10LS500P LDMOS RF power transistor has been announced by Ampleon. Suitable for use in a wide range of cooking RF energy applications, the BLC2425M10LS500P has an excellent high-power to footprint ratio as it delivers 500W CW from a single SOT1250 air cavity plastic package.

5th November 2018
Compact dual-stage module eases integration complexity

  The compact dual-stage 250W LDMOS RF power module BPC2425M9X2S250-1 has been announced by Ampleon. Designed for high power continuous wave (CW) industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) applications operating in the 2,400 to 2,500MHz frequency band, the high efficiency module measures 72x34mm.

25th September 2018
Power transistor delivers efficiency of better than 62%

The BLF13H9L750P, a 750 Watt Gen9HV LDMOS RF power transistor, launched by Ampleon at European Microwave Week, is designed specifically for use in particle accelerator applications operating in the 1.3 GHz spectrum.

24th September 2018
EuMW 2018: RF power transistor withstands a VSWR of 65:1

A high power rugged BLF189XRA RF power transistor aimed at broadcast FM radio applications transmitting in the 88 – 108 MHz frequency range was unveiled at European Microwave Week in Madrid (September 25-27). Operating from an industry standard 50V power source the BLF189XRA delivers over 1,600W (CW).

Events News
23rd August 2018
RF power products centre stage at EuMW 2018

RF power products, as well as technical expertise in high-power RF design will be presented by Ampleon at European Microwave Week in Madrid (September 25-27). The company will support the popular Student School during the event by providing a platform to share innovation in the field of high-power semiconductors using Ampleon devices.

18th July 2018
Rugged 250W transistor delivers 69% energy efficiency

Ampleon has announced an addition to its line-up of high power LDMOS RF transistors suitable for use in Continuous Wave (CW) RF energy applications. The BLC2425M10LS250 power transistor is highly efficient, achieving up to 69% efficiency and is capable of providing up to 250W output power in the 2,400-2,500 MHz frequency range.

7th June 2018
First Gen9HV transistor for UHF broadcast applications

Ampleon has announced the introduction of its BLF989 RF power transistor designed for UHF broadcast applications such as DVBT and UHF analog TV. Using Ampleon’s latest Gen9HV high voltage LDMOS process, this 140W (average – 700W peak) transistor, the first broadcast device to use this process technology, offers a high operating efficiency of typically > 34% (Class AB) and is available in a ceramic SOT539 package format either with ...

11th April 2018
High efficiency amplifier requires less input signal to achieve 200W

Ampleon has announced the 200W BPC10M6X2S200 LDMOS-based power amplifier module suitable for use in a variety of plasma lighting, industrial heating, medical and RF cooking and defrosting applications. Operating in the 423-443MHz frequency range, this compact light weigh pallet measures just 125x33mm, weighs 85g and can operate in pulsed or continuous wave modes.

9th April 2018
ISM signal generator IC for RF energy applications

  Ampleon has announced the BLP25RFE001, a small signal generator IC providing a programmable frequency synthesiser able to generate a signal in the 433, 915 and 2,400 MHz ISM bands. This device is designed in particular for a variety of RF energy applications such as industrial heating, defrosting and/or cooking and plasma lighting.

9th February 2018
Compact transistor delivers 600W for RF energy applications

  The launch of the 600W BLF0910H9LS600 LDMOS power amplifier transistor has been announced by Ampleon. This is the first RF energy transistor using Ampleon’s latest Gen9HV 50V LDMOS process, a node that has been optimised to deliver greatly increased efficiency, power and gain.

Events News
25th September 2017
Doherty amplifiers debut at European Microwave Week

Innovative RF power products and experts in high-power RF design will be on hand to demonstrate the capabilities of the complete Ampleon product line-up at European Microwave Week 2017 in Nuremberg (Oct 8-12). The company will also present technical papers in various sessions.

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