High power RF transistor targets a range of energy applications

16th January 2019
Alex Lynn

Designed for pulsed and CW applications operating in the 2,400 to 2,500MHz frequency range, the 500W BLC2425M10LS500P LDMOS RF power transistor has been announced by Ampleon. Suitable for use in a wide range of cooking RF energy applications, the BLC2425M10LS500P has an excellent high-power to footprint ratio as it delivers 500W CW from a single SOT1250 air cavity plastic package.

With its 67% efficiency, it has a high performance, within this frequency range and power level. Such high-efficiency characteristics will keep the required cooling capacity to a minimum while also ensuring low energy consumption and operating costs of the end-equipment. The transistor also exhibits excellent ruggedness by being able to operate with a VSWR 10:1 load mismatch through all phases, further simplifying the system design and protection circuitry.

The integration of the BLC2425M10LS500P into the application is simplified by the integrated input and output pre-match.

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