Cherry SD101201 geartooth speed and direction sensor for automotive transmission controls

13th April 2010
ES Admin
ZF Electronics has developed a new Hall-effect geartooth speed and direction sensor which suits the rigorous demands found in harsh automotive environments. In modern vehicles, engine transmission is controlled by a large number of different sensors and controllers - for example, sensors are used on the transfer gears or on the output shaft to measure direction, speed and change of speed. Typically, a gear sensor will have only a speed or speed and direction output, but the new Cherry SD1012 series from ZF Electronics has two discrete quadrature outputs, allowing it to be used with a splined gear-tooth. The two outputs provide a better resolution for measurement in such applications.
As the SD101201 sensor has near-zero speed sensing capability, only minimal movement of the ferrous geartooth targets is required prior to recognition. Capable of over 8000Hz target speed, this rugged sensor also features a locating mark to ensure correct rotational alignment. Moreover, 10-bit dynamic threshold detection offers an automatically adjusting magnetic range and is self-compensating to target geometry and immune to target run out.

The Cherry SD101201 geartooth speed and direction sensor is available in a durable and robust flange-mount plastic housing which suits harsh automotive environments and is qualified to an operating temperature range of -40degC to 125degC. Although a low-cost package suitable for high-volume automotive applications, it also meets IEC60529 IP67 for dust and water protection.

ZF Electronics also offers OEM end customers a mapping capability – the customer can send in their target to be analysed with a Cherry speed or speed and direction sensor for best application results.

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