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Atmel Showcases Automotive Solutions At SAE Convergence 2010

6th October 2010
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Atmel today announced that it will be exhibiting at SAE Convergence 2010 located at Cobo Center, Detroit, Michigan on October 19-20, 2010. The company's exhibit will demonstrate its expertise and commitment to the automotive sector with separate workstations highlighting:
Automotive solutions. Demonstrating a car access touch solution with LIN (Local Interconnect Network), the demo will show how the Atmel® maXTouch(TM) solution can be used when opening and closing a window with the touch of a finger. In addition, a car access demonstration will showcase the Atmel next-generation monolithic RF (radio frequency) transceiver and RF receiver devices for passive entry using a body control module featuring industry-leading RF performance, including sensitivity and power consumption. Atmel will also showcase a high-voltage demonstration with a turbo charger, highlighting the outstanding high temperature capability of Atmel automotive ICs (integrated circuits). Atmel will also showcase its solutions for Li-Ion battery management systems in electrical and hybrid electrical vehicles.

· Touch solutions for autos. As a leading provider of capacitive touch solutions, Atmel will showcase a touch-enabled car center stack to include a 7-inch touchscreen with Atmel maXTouch technology and proximity detection. The proximity detection will recognize when a driver's hand is approaching the application to light-up the user interface--an extremely useful feature at night. Atmel maXTouch solutions support small and large touchscreens from 3 to 15 inches. This solution also supports unlimited touches and integrates gesture recognition, such as tap, flip, wipe and more. Atmel maXTouch solutions are already powering touch-enabled smartphones, smartbooks, mobile Internet devices (MIDs) and other consumer and industrial applications. Atmel will also demonstrate proximity detection in two applications including a center stack and a door handle sensor as part of a passive entry go system. The Atmel proximity algorithm provides very high sensitivity and fast acquisition time. Implemented on the Atmel® AVR® microcontroller, the system supports the most stringent power consumption requirements for these applications.

· Microcontroller (MCU) solutions for autos. At the MCU workstation, Atmel will be showcasing a variety of demonstrations including a microcontroller-based control system with a small touch input device featuring an Atmel AVR microcontroller. The Atmel AVR MCU will be running touch functions provided by the Atmel QTouch® library. In addition, this workstation will showcase LIN bus connectivity to a motor-control board based on the Atmel AVR microcontroller

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