Top 7 gadgets you need for London Marathon recovery

27th March 2024
Paige West

Hyperice, a global high-performance wellness brand offering a range of premium wellness recovery tools, takes a look at the top gadgets you need after the London Marathon.

Hyperice offers a lineup of products designed to enhance your fitness and recovery routine, from the vibration line, Vyper and heat with Venom, the massage gun line, Hypervolt, to precision massage spheres, Hypersphere, and its athlete-approved compression line, Normatec, worn by 2022/23 Premier League Golden Boot winner and Hyperice athlete investor Erling Haaland.

Hypervolt Go 2

  • Price £129
  • A versatile product that can be used both to warm-up before a race, relieve tight muscles afterwards, or to massage away any tension
  • Portable and chic in its design, this product is perfect for any marathon- runner looking to relieve their aches and pains in an instant

Normatec Lower Legs

  • Price £429
  • A completely portable way of delivering dynamic air compression to the calf muscles which is scientifically proven to significantly improve circulation, reducing pain, tension, and inflammation in the legs.
  • Made specifically for your calf muscles to flush out and rejuvenate the entire lower body

Vyper Go

  • Price £149
  • This vibrating massage roller is small but mighty in its design, managing to smooth away any tight knots you have built up over the course of your training, yet small enough to take with you on-the-go
  • The strategically placed contours and three vibration settings means you are guaranteed to target the problem areas on your body achieved from running a long race

Venom 2 Leg

  • Price £269
  • Designed with HyperHeat technology for consistent, even heating, the Venom 2 Leg heats up 6x faster than a standard heating pad providing instant, soothing relief to sore muscles.
  • A device that heats up so fast it will leave your leg feeling a sense of relief nearly instantly, perfect for when you have finished your race and need to recover, fast
  • With coverage of more than 2x the original design, the Venom 2 is guaranteed to target wherever your soreness may be, in a flash

Venom Go

  • Price £159
  • The Venom Go is a heat and vibration wearable, a unique product that you can customise to fit into your fitness routine, and even wear during training
  • The nine combinations of heat and vibration alleviate muscle pain instantly and can be taken on and off with ease, ideal for when you want to relax your muscles  on the go

Hypersphere Mini

  • Price £89
  • A portable massage ball that fits into the palm of your hand, the perfect size to fit inside your bag, no matter what the size
  • The varying speeds of vibration – low, medium, and high, means you can tailor the product to suit any stage of your training

Normatec 3 Standard Leg System

  • Price £899
  • Normatec 3 uses dynamic air compression that helps advance recovery, enabling you to relax at home. The pulse technology increases circulation, reducing any swelling, and reviving sore muscles
  • A luxurious product, ideal for runners who are keen to smash their PB, and deserve the ultimate relaxing treat

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