Samsung Galaxy ‘smart’ Ring: what we know so far

26th February 2024
Paige West

At Mobile World Congress, Samsung is displaying its intelligent health lineup. As part of this portfolio, the Galaxy Ring is being unveiled as a new wearable that simplifies wellness.

In recent times, people are increasingly setting their own wellness objectives. These range from striving to maintain fitness or increase muscle mass, to improving sleep quality, or addressing personal or family physical and mental health concerns.

Samsung is committed to enabling more individuals to take control of their health and that of their dependents in a manner that suits them, through a comprehensive yet streamlined approach to daily wellness. The company's ambition is to enhance the health of billions by fostering connected care centred around the home.

A significant obstacle currently confronting the healthcare sector is the issue of fragmented data and the challenge of consolidating it effectively. Samsung has the capacity to address this challenge, having one of the broadest and most varied connected device ecosystems available. With the introduction of Samsung Health, the company is facilitating the integration of various devices and partner solutions into a single unified platform, thereby simplifying the process of monitoring health conditions via a Galaxy wearable.

Introducing the Galaxy Ring

It is with much anticipation that Samsung announced the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy Ring later this year.

This device represents the culmination of Samsung's innovations, optimised for comfortable wear 24/7 in a compact form. As the latest addition to its wearable collection, the Galaxy Ring introduces a novel approach to streamlining daily wellness. It promises to empower users with deeper insights and new methods to understand their health round the clock.

On a CNBC article, Hon Pak, the Head of the digital health team at Samsung Electronics, has said the ring will be able to give a user a “vitality score” which “collects data about physical and mental readiness to see how productive you can be.”

The ring, equipped with sensors, will provide measurements of heart rate, respiratory rate, movement during sleep, and the duration it takes for an individual to fall asleep after going to bed.

There’s even talk of allowing users to do contactless payments via the ring.

The introduction of the Galaxy Ring is among the many initiatives by Samsung to advance the health and wellness of billions. As of yet, no details have been released of the price or the expected launch date.

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