The Samsung Galaxy smart ring has arrived

10th July 2024
Paige West

Samsung Electronics has introduced the new Galaxy Ring, designed to enhance digital health through AI-powered wellness experiences.

This addition to Samsung’s wearable portfolio aligns with the company’s vision to use Galaxy AI to deliver personalised health insights and comprehensive wellness solutions.

The Galaxy Ring epitomises simplicity and effectiveness in wellness tracking. Leveraging Samsung’s advanced sensor technology, this unobtrusive ring provides continuous health monitoring, offering personalised insights that are easily accessible. Weighing between 2.3 and 3.0g, the lightweight design ensures comfort during extended wear. The ring’s distinct concave design combines style with durability, featuring 10ATM water resistance and a Titanium Grade 59 finish, making it suitable for any environment.

The Galaxy Ring is designed for 24/7 wear, providing up to seven days of battery life. It includes a specially designed charging case with aesthetic LED lighting to indicate charging status. Users can choose from three colours: Titanium Black, Titanium Silver, and Titanium Gold.

Key features of the Galaxy Ring include:

Best-in-class sleep analysis: utilising Samsung’s powerful sleep AI algorithm, the Galaxy Ring offers detailed sleep pattern analysis, including metrics like sleep score, snoring analysis, movement during sleep, sleep latency, and heart and respiratory rates. This comprehensive analysis helps users build better sleep habits.

Cycle tracking: through overnight skin temperature monitoring, users can accurately track their menstrual cycles, enhancing overall health management.

Energy score: enabled by Galaxy AI, this feature assesses physical and mental conditions across sleep, activity, sleeping heart rate, and heart rate variability, providing recommendations to improve daily wellbeing.

Heart health monitoring: the Heart Rate Alert feature offers real-time notifications for unusually high or low heart rates, with detailed insights available through Live Heart Rate Check.

Fitness and activity tracking: with Auto Workout Detection, the Galaxy Ring automatically tracks walking and running activities, offering daily fitness reminders through Inactive Alert. Gestures such as a double pinch allow users to take photos or dismiss alarms on Galaxy smartphones, and the Find My Ring feature helps locate the ring using a Galaxy smartphone.

All data and insights from the Galaxy Ring are seamlessly integrated into the Samsung Health app, providing a unified platform for users to access their health information without the need for a subscription. This integration ensures that users can easily monitor their wellness journey and receive motivational encouragement and wellness tips tailored to their individual needs.


Galaxy Ring will be available for pre-order in select markets starting July 10, with general availability starting July 24.

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