It’s a painful period, but technology is lightening the load

7th March 2023
Sheryl Miles

Ahead of International Women’s Day, Electronic Specifier is celebrating what it means to be a woman. However, we also acknowledge that being female can be a real pain sometimes – literally.

Fortunately, wherever there is a challenge, there is also someone with the technology to help. And the pain of periods is no different.

A wearable bodysuit

The aim of the Artemis bodysuit by Alpha Femtech, co-founded by Zsófia Anna Kormos and Dóra Pelczer, is to create a wearable bodysuit that is comfortable, fashionable, and discreet whilst alleviating the pain of periods – enabling women to get on with their day whilst the technology does the work.

Using built-in gel heat pads and TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) the aim of the suit is to block pain signals from reaching the brain whilst the heat is designed to soothe the uterus and the surrounding muscles.

The device works by sending electrical pulses through the gel pads which are housed within the suit between natural yarns, semi-synthetic fibres, and upgraded bioceramic yarn that is designed to ensure heat regulatory. As well as the heat pads, there is also cable for housing the electrodes between the layers of material. These pulses stimulate the nerves to help with the pain.

The suit connects to a smartphone app via a wireless Bluetooth connection and enables the wearer to choose from 10 heat intensity levels (HEAT) and the TENS has five modules of wave type (VIBES) with 10 levels of intensity. The wearer can also use the app to track pain and identify any symptomatic patterns, looking for triggers and treatments to help with the pain relief.

The battery-operated device, which is about the size of the palm of a hand, is removable, and the bodysuit is washable. The design is the offering of Co-Founder and Fashion Designer Zsófia, who is “the one with the pain” that inspired the wearable, and she has designed and developed Artemis, whilst Co-Founder, Dóra, wants to change the world and works on the marketing and business development.

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