Weller’s WXsmart wins 2023 GLOBAL Technology Award

15th November 2023
Paige West

Weller Tools has announced that its smart soldering platform, WXsmart, was honoured with a 2023 GLOBAL Technology Award in the Hand Soldering category.

This announcement was made at the productronica event in Munich on 14th November 2023, where the platform was recognised for its innovation. The WXsmart platform integrates 16 connectable tools, showcasing its versatile capabilities.

The WXsmart platform offers a comprehensive solution for a range of hand soldering applications, catering to requirements from Pico to Micro, Heavy Duty Soldering, and Tweezers Soldering. It is designed to handle component sizes from 0402 to 1612 and larger, making it suitable for various soldering needs without the requirement for multiple stations. Additionally, its extendable capability to a full rework station with the WXair Rework Module means that the WXsmart can handle soldering, desoldering, and rework tasks for a wide range of component sizes.

The WXsmart station features 300W power and two soldering channels, while the Rework Module adds one hot air and one vacuum channel, allowing up to 16 tools to be connected to the platform. This versatility and expandability provide a flexible solution for diverse soldering demands.

A notable aspect of the WXsmart is its Total Process Control (TPC), which delivers maximum connectivity and traceability. The WXsmart supports all IoT standards and is recognised as the industry's first hand soldering station with robust cybersecurity measures, safeguarding against potential downtimes and cyber threats. It stands out for its connectivity, control, and security features.

Philippe Buidin, President at Weller, expressed his pride in the award: "We are honoured to receive the prestigious 2023 GLOBAL Technology Award for our WXsmart smart soldering platform. This recognition demonstrates Weller's commitment to innovation and providing cutting-edge solutions that exceed our customers' expectations. The WXsmart platform is a game-changer in the soldering industry, empowering engineers and technicians with unmatched efficiency, connectivity and security."

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