Weller introduces new WATC100 soldering tip cleaner

19th December 2023
Harry Fowle

Weller have introduced the WATC100 soldering tip cleaner, allowing users to achieve greater control and productivity in all soldering operations.

Optimised for use in production facilities, the compact WATC100 cleans soldering tips and desoldering tweezers within one second, with no residue on components or workbench.

The new versatile Weller WATC100 with automatic ON/OFF activation cleans soldering tips and tweezers cleanly and efficiently within one second, without spilling debris that could damage components. Thanks to optimally cleaned tips, users gain full control over the soldering process. This ensures greater efficiency and productivity for all soldering tasks.


Due to the time saved compared to manual cleaning, the use of the WATC100 already reduces production costs in the short term. The better heat transfer of the optimally cleaned soldering tips also ensures consistently high-quality soldering results. "When developing the WATC100, the focus was on greater efficiency and production cost reductions for the user. Compared to conventional cleaning methods, the automatic cleaning with the WATC100 extends the service life of the soldering tips by up to double, another important factor in reducing production costs," says Gerald Gardener, Global Product Manager Weller Tools.


With its compact design and ESD-safe housing, the WATC100 was specially developed for efficient work at workbenches in production facilities.


Thanks to the easy-to-change brushes in two different designs for different degrees of cleaning, the WATC100 can be used for all soldering tip sizes and geometries as well as different solder wire and flux types.

At a glance

  • Universal, fast cleaning of soldering tips and desoldering tweezers
  • Automatic ON/OFF-activation   
  • Optimal soldering tip care, extends the life of the soldering tip by up to two times compared to manual cleaning     
  • Different brushes for different cleaning intensities         
  • Light-bar activity display of the different modes
  • LED brush interior lighting        
  • Simple, user-friendly brush replacement           
  • Black and/or grey silicone splash guard (can be used to indicate use with leaded or lead-free solder).
  • Maintenance-friendly, hygienic emptying of the collection cup
  • Compact product design with a small footprint  
  • Antistatic housing (ESD safe)

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