Reducing liquid handling errors with pipettes

8th February 2024
Sheryl Miles

INTEGRA Biosciences’ selection of liquid handling tools provides scientists worldwide with solutions to improve workflow accuracy.

The company offers a variety of manual, electronic, and fully automated pipettes, which are designed to address the many pipetting challenges lab technicians encounter daily. This can help to improve the reliability of data while increasing throughput in a wide range of applications.

The impact of pipetting errors is often underestimated. The most common errors include ignoring temperature fluctuations between labware and liquids, inconsistent manual methods, improperly fitting tips, inappropriate volume ranges, disregarding the viscosity or volatility of samples, and not discarding the first and last dispenses when repeat dispensing.

Accurate methods, combined with the correct tools, can help to overcome these challenges. For example, holding a pipette at a consistent angle is paramount, and it should not deviate beyond 20 degrees from the vertical to minimise inconsistencies that could affect the reliability of results.

For most applications, a greater angle increases the error, making it vital to employ the right tools to help mitigate this mistake. INTEGRA’s range of ergonomic pipettes – such as EVOLVE, VIAFLO, or VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipettes – can help to maintain consistent pipetting angles with ease and comfort, improving overall reproducibility.

Alternatively, the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot, MINI 96 portable electronic pipette, and VIAFLO 96 and VIAFLO 384 platforms are designed to improve consistency by ensuring pipette tips are completely vertical every time.

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