Altus supplies SSTL with cleaning technology

8th May 2024
Caitlin Gittins

Altus Group, a supplier of capital equipment for the electronics manufacturing sector, has revealed the successful implementation of an advanced PCBA cleaning system at Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL)

The installation of the Kolb PSE LH5 marks a significant enhancement to SSTL's crucial cleaning procedures for its sophisticated electronics applications.

SSTL is renowned for its delivery of comprehensive mission solutions. Their tailored systems for earth observation, science, communications, navigation, in-orbit debris removal, and servicing require electronics of the utmost quality and reliability. As a result, SSTL's manufacturing processes must adhere to exceptionally stringent standards, including their electronics cleaning protocols.

Having maintained a longstanding partnership with SSTL, Altus has previously supplied cleaning equipment to the company. When SSTL embarked on the journey to modernise and refine its PCBA cleaning process for its pivotal space and satellite applications, they opted for Kolb's industry-leading PSE LH5 system as the optimal solution.

Joe Booth, CEO of Altus Group said: "We have seen a number of Kolb cleaning projects come through in 2023 and even the start of 2024, but being able to secure a partnership with a world-class company like SSTL is particularly significant. SSTL is truly a jewel of UK electronics manufacturing. The nature of their products demands production quality at the highest possible level, so being selected by them to enhance their production process shows the confidence and technical value they place in Kolb's cleaning solutions and in Altus as a trusted supplier."

The Kolb PSE LH5 stands out with its distinctive features and advanced engineering, positioning it as a premier solution for precision cleaning in electronics manufacturing. Kolb's expertise spans both chemistry and cleaning systems, ensuring a holistic understanding of the cleaning process. Tailored for products with smaller board sizes, the PSE LH5 offers a highly capable cleaning process, perfectly aligned with SSTL's exacting standards.

Adam Chudziak from SSTL said: "The quality and reliability of our satellite electronics are absolutely critical to mission success. After a comprehensive evaluation, the Kolb PSE LH5 system supplied by Altus Group was the clear choice to modernise our PCBA cleaning capabilities. We have full confidence it will enable us to uphold and enhance our meticulous cleaning processes moving forward."

This fully automatic economy batch cleaner is engineered to deliver exceptional cleaning performance for assembled PCBs. With a high-capacity cleaning cycle, the PSE LH5 effectively eliminates misprints from reflow flux residues, resin, copper, oxide, and soldering support substances. Its innovative features, including a two-tank system with triple-circuit function, automatic monitoring of ionic residues, and high-resolution display for software control, ensure efficient and dependable cleaning processes.

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