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Versatile Sensor Interface

26th October 2006
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Responding to a wide range of inputs such as a pressure sensor, a GMR, AMR, magnetic, chemical sensor, thermistor or a mix of several of these, the SX8722 sensor interface available from Solid State Supplies will acquire data from Wheatstone bridges or single ended sensors.
The interface is totally configurable through an I2C compatible interface which may be used to set parameters such as alarms or signal processing.

Featuring 16 + 10 bits differential acquisition, preamplifier programmable gain up to 1000 and sensor offset compensation up to 15 times full scale of input signal, the device can handle 4 differential or 7 single ended signal inputs and 2 differential reference inputs.

The SX8722 has internal RC and 32kHz Oscillators, power saving sleep/shutdown modes, four full configuration pre selections including: ZoomingADC, 2 alarms with on/off thresholds and digital filtering. The I2C EEPROM interface has clock out pin, calibration pin, reset pin, ready/busy pin.

Applications for the interface include pressure sensing (industrial, altimeter, diving computer), chemical sensing (monitoring, security) and magnetic sensing (compass).

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