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Fluke release new Fluke Solmetric PVA-1500HE2 PV Analyzer

24th April 2024
Kristian McCann

Fluke has launched the new Fluke Solmetric PVA-1500HE2 PV Analyzer and I-V Curve Tracer. The announcement means that installation and maintenance engineers working on large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays and farms can now test up to 1,500V and measure high efficiency (HE) strings up to 30A continuously.

Also introduced today is the Fluke Solmetric PVA-1500T2 PV Analyzer and I-V Curve Tracer, which can measure 3.5MW in under an hour and handle up to 30A for strings of modules with <19% efficiency and 10A for strings of high-efficiency modules with ≥19% efficiency.

With the Fluke Solmetric PVA-1500HE2 PV Analyzer and I-V Curve Tracer, solar energy engineers, energy consultants, and field technicians have access to a unique tool that boosts on-site productivity when verifying PV performance. The device minimises the time required for each testing cycle by delivering unprecedented measurement throughput speeds and provides a much higher return on investment than other PV testers by delivering superior levels of stability and accuracy.

The Fluke Solmetric PVA-1500HE2 provides best-in-class I-V curve tracing for large-scale solar installations. Similar products can often struggle to obtain accurate readings due to high capacitance levels and are incapable of recording data continuously without overheating. Having to disconnect an I-V curve tracer until it cools down is disruptive in an environment where time is crucial but the Fluke Solmetric PVA-1500HE2 eliminates this problem because it can be used throughout the day without any interruptions.

Introducing Fluke Solmetric PVA-1500 Series Kits

For optimal user experience, Fluke has bundled the new PV Analyzer into a number of kits. They are the first kits to combine the Solmetric product with such Fluke devices as the TiS75+ thermal camera, the 393 FC Solar Clamp Meter and 87V Industrial Multimeter, and the 1537 Insulation Resistance Tester. The company also offers a range of training packages for getting the most out of the Fluke Solmetric PVA-1500HE2 and kits while addressing the shortage of skilled workers in PV installation testing.

Will White, Fluke solar application specialist, says, “The Solmetric name is widely respected around the world and bringing these high-quality products into the Fluke family means we now have tools in our portfolio that can test the entire solar sector. No other I-V curve tracer in the world can offer users such impressive levels of performance, efficiency, throughput, and reliability as the Fluke Solmetric PVA-1500HE2.”

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