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Advanced Energy enhances its optical fibre thermometer

10th July 2024
Harry Fowle

Advanced Energy has announced the Sekidenko 4100T, a new version of its special materials pyrometer that provides the high-accuracy, non-contact temperature measurement demanded by next-generation semiconductor wafer applications.

Precise, non-contact temperature measurement simplifies process control in semiconductor manufacturing equipment and eliminates reliance on less accurate simulations and estimates. The upgraded 4100T non-contact optical fibre thermometer (OFT) supports enhanced in-situ process monitoring and control by combining flexible, multi-channel measurement options with a ground-up redesign improving performance at traditionally difficult to measure sub-250°C temperature ranges.

“Temperature measurements based on thermocouples and other contact-based technologies significantly increase the potential for wafer damage and contamination, while non-contact approaches such as simulation and estimating tools are inaccurate,” said Dhaval Dhayatkar, vice president, Critical Sensing and Control, Industrial Power Products at Advanced Energy. “Our Sekidenko 4100T OFT provides a solution that does not require wafer contact and ensures high-accuracy measurements, even at relatively low temperatures, giving manufacturers the data they need to optimise process efficiency, product quality and yield.”

Supporting direct replacement for older systems, the upgraded 4100T provides simultaneous, high-speed (1kHz) measurement up to four channels. These channels can be configured independently, with wavelengths ranging from Ultraviolet to 2,300 nm, and temperature ranges spanning 60°C to 3,000°C. This flexibility allows for rapid measurements and optimisation on a variety of target materials, process temperature ranges and working distances. Fibre-based cables allow for immunity to radio frequency and electromagnetic interference. The improved signal-to-noise ratio of the 4100T improves stability in applications where thermal radiation may be limited.

The 4100T is compatible with lensed optical sensors and sapphire light pipe sensors. It also has an intuitive touch-screen interface, which eliminates the need for a remote computer and provides access to all information and commands from a single screen. An integrated EtherCat interface simplifies integration into a full measurement and process control system.

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