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Solsta (formerly Solid State Supplies) Articles

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27th March 2024
Panel PC built to handle rugged environments

Winmate has introduced its latest G-WIN IP67 Series Panel PC, featuring advanced specifications designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial environments.

5th March 2024
Solsta elevates healthcare innovation through ISO 13485 accreditation

Solsta has announced that it has been awarded the ISO 13485:2016 accreditation.

27th February 2024
Industrial-grade embedded solution in stock at Solsta

Avalue Technology’s new EPS-RPS embedded rugged fanless system with Intel’s 13th Gen Raptor Lake-S is in stock at distributor Solsta.

21st February 2024
Hardware timekeeping platform in stock at Solsta

To provide network operators with a terrestrial alternative for distributing very accurate time, Microchip Technology has introduced the new TimeProvider 4500 grandmaster.

12th February 2024
LoRa module aids IoT projects

Quectel Wireless Solutions has introduced the KG200Z module, a state-of-the-art Long Range (LoRa) technology module designed to cater to the specific needs of IoT projects.

Artificial Intelligence
26th January 2024
Ethernet switches in stock at Solsta

To provide designers with a reliable and robust network solution with deterministic communication, Microchip Technology has announced its next-generation of LAN969x Ethernet switches with Time Sensitive Networking (TSN), scalable bandwidths from 46 Gbps to 102 Gbps and a powerful 1 GHz single-core Arm Cortex-A53 CPU.

21st December 2023
Microcontrollers smooth motor operations

The AVR EB family of microcontrollers (MCUs) from Microchip Technology are in stock at distributor Solsta.

17th December 2023
End of year reflections from Solsta

In this article, Jon Baxter, Sales and Marketing Director, Solsta (formerly Solid State Supplies) offers a comprehensive reflection on the past year, navigating through the myriad challenges and triumphs faced by the electronics industry in 2023.

14th December 2023
Panel PC is designed for harsh environments

Avalue Technology’s ARC-1037 next-generation rugged panel PC, is now available from distributor Solsta.

News & Analysis
2nd October 2023
New name for Solid State Supplies

Solid State Supplies announces that it has rebranded.

21st September 2023
Counterfeit goods: complacency isn’t an option

The presence of counterfeit goods in the electronic distribution industry continues to present significant challenges.

Events News
18th September 2023
The quest for innovation

Solid State Supplies is a company excited by new technologies and the possibilities they open up.

4th August 2023
Series 12 – Episode 10 – Globalisation vs localisation

Paige West speaks with John Macmichael, Managing Director of Solid State Supplies, about globalisation vs localisation.

13th June 2023
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module supports IIoT devices

Quectel Wireless Solutions has launched its latest Quectel FCM360W Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module, combining a high-performance processor with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 capabilities.

News & Analysis
24th May 2023
Solid State Supplies scoops $10m deal for RF components

Solid State Supplies has won a $10.7m follow-on order for radio frequency components from Cambridge-based CyanConnode.  

15th February 2023
Solid State Supplies announces UK partnership with Laird Connectivity

Solid State Supplies announced a distribution partnership with Laird Connectivity which will enable the company to address more Industrial IoT opportunities and fulfil a more diverse range of customer connectivity needs.

Aerospace & Defence
23rd January 2023
What’s the price of risk in the private space sector?

The number of satellites in low-Earth orbit is predicted to grow dramatically over the next decade due to the launch of planned satellite constellations by private companies.

31st August 2022
How to avoid the perils of the grey market in times of shortage

Supply chain shortages make it extremely difficult for OEMs to source electronic components, with many feeling that they have little alternative other than to use unauthorised supply routes to fulfil their customer orders. However, this option is fraught with danger and greatly increases the risk of receiving counterfeit products.

7th June 2022
Shedding light on UV-C disinfection with excimer lamps

Electronic Specifier’s Paige West talks to Tom Freeman, Optoelectronics Product Manager at Solid State Supplies, about ultraviolet light (UV) disinfection and how excimer lamps are an effective, safer method compared with the alternatives.

31st May 2022
Solid State Supplies announces availability of Silicon Labs low powered BG24 and MG24 SoC

Solid State Supplies has announced that it can now supply the Silicon Labs BG24 and MG24 series of 2.4GHz wireless SoCs for Bluetooth and Multiple-protocol operations, respectively.

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