LoRa module aids IoT projects

12th February 2024
Mick Elliott

Quectel Wireless Solutions has introduced the KG200Z module, a state-of-the-art Long Range (LoRa) technology module designed to cater to the specific needs of IoT projects.

This innovative solution offers a powerful and efficient tool for those seeking to enhance their projects with robust wireless capabilities, and provides dependable, ultra-low power, cost-effective long range wireless communication.

The module delivers a transmission distance of 2-5 km in urban settings and 10-15 km in suburban areas.

With a steadfast network connection, robust anti-interference capabilities, potent penetration, and dependable data transmission, this module stands as a reliable solution for businesses seeking advanced IoT connectivity.

The module, which is based on STMicroelectronics STM32WLEx series microcontrollers, is designed for ultra-low power consumption and compatibility with the LoRaWAN protocol.

Equipped with a built-in power management unit, power amplifier, low noise amplifier, and RF transceiver switch, the module integrates an ARM Cortex-M4 core with the modulations of LoRa, (G)FSK, (G)MSK and BPSK, supporting the LoRaWAN standard protocol across a wide spectrum, including the 470–510 MHz and 862–928 MHz LoRa frequency bands.

The module boasts a range of connectivity options with multiple interfaces, including UART, SPI, I2C, and SWD. Ultra low power consumption extends battery life significantly.

The compact profile of 12.0mm × 12.0mm x 1.8mm in an LGA package ensures easy integration into a variety of devices, providing flexibility for manufacturers and developers seeking to implement IoT solutions seamlessly.

Quectel’s IoT modules are developed with security at the core. From product architecture to firmware/software development, Quectel incorporates leading industry practices and standards, mitigating potential vulnerabilities with third party independent test houses and have incorporated security practices like generating SBOMs and VEX files as well as performing firmware binary analysis into the entire software development lifecycle.

Developed to address the specific needs of IoT applications, LoRa technology enables devices to transmit small packets of data over considerable distances with minimal power consumption.

The technology is well-suited for applications such as smart locks, door sensors, gas and water leak detection, pet tracking, indoor air quality sensors, HVAC monitoring, smart parking and traffic monitoring, utility metering, waste management, air quality monitoring.

It also covers assets management tracking and other applications where devices need to send intermittent, low-data-rate messages over extended distances while conserving energy.

To empower customers in streamlining their design processes, Quectel provides two Sub 1GHz antennas for this module – the YEIN002AA and the YE0019AA. Both antennas support LoRa technology and are available in various formats, ensuring flexibility and compatibility for diverse project requirements.

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