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Altus Group reach sales milestone with Koh Young Europe

26th March 2024
Kristian McCann

Altus Group has announced a significant milestone in partnership with Koh Young Europe (KYE). In 2023, Altus Group achieved its highest-ever annual sales figures for Koh Young inspection and measurement solutions, marking a new high point in the companies longstanding partnership.

In recent years, Koh Young has introduced cutting-edge technology, including the Alpha HS+, a 4-projector 3D AOI with digital light processing. This innovative solution provides customers with full 3D metrology capabilities, allowing precise measurements of components up to 25mm in height. Notably, since its launch, the Alpha HS+ has consistently outperformed competitors in head-to-head evaluations within the Altus region.

Koh Young’s global market share is approximately 50%, a testament to its industry leadership. However, in the UK, its presence is even more impressive, with a market share about 70%.

Michael Zahn, Sales Manager at Koh Young Europe, said: “Altus and Koh Young have been long-term collaborators in Europe. Our relationship has grown stronger over the years. In 2023, KYE achieved its best performance ever in the UK and Ireland. Considering the competitive landscape, Altus’ success in bringing on new clients is very commendable.”

Joe Booth, CEO of Altus Group added: ‘’It has been thoroughly enjoyable breaking a few records over the last years, and it is important that we continue to set new standards and keep looking to improve constantly.

"Our team has consistently demonstrated an understanding of Koh Young's technology over many years, allowing us to effectively showcase its value and win over new customers in a highly competitive market. While the field is crowded with lofty claims, we back up our words through rigorous evaluations, with the majority of our customers previously using other vendors' equipment. Our record of consecutive head-to-head evaluation victories is a testament to our hard work. Seeing the influx of new Koh Young users reinforces that our commitment to excellence will continue driving growth."

A significant driver of Altus' growth has been securing brand new customers for Koh Young solutions, with 50% of machines sold in 2023 going to facilities that had not previously used the company's equipment. The benefits extend beyond Koh Young's advanced individual products to their integrated data and software spanning the full inspection and measurement workflow. Rather than just traditional defect detection, Koh Young's 3D measurement data empowers manufacturers to optimise yields and profitability through real process improvements across production lines - positioning their solutions as invaluable tools for comprehensive process control and yield optimisation.

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