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USB Multifunction Data Acquisition Devices

10th May 2006
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National Instruments has released its first M Series data acquisition (DAQ) devices for the USB bus. They are two new external DAQ devices that offer up to 32 analogue input channels and data acquisition rates of up to 1.25 MS/s.
The NI USB-6251 and USB-6259 DAQ devices feature the same high-performance M Series capabilities but add the simplicity of USB plug-and-play connectivity as well as new high-speed signal streaming technology. These new devices offer a five times overall performance increase compared to previous devices and set a new performance precedent for USB data acquisition measurements.

The USB-6251 and USB-6259 DAQ devices are the first to feature the new parallel and simultaneous streaming technology on the USB bus. The new devices also include M Series features similar to their PCI/PXI counterparts, such as up to 32 16-bit, 1.25 MS/s analogue input channels; four 16-bit 2.8 MS/s analogue output channels; 32 clocked and correlated digital I/O channels; and two timing counters. Engineers and scientists can take advantage of the integrated terminal block for direct signal connectivity, as well as third-order calibration correction at all ranges to make their USB applications even more accurate.

“USB data acquisition devices helped us collect data using ultrasmall-form-factor PCs that were too small to accommodate add-on PCI cards. This gave us the ability to install our data collection systems in manufacturing environments where floor space was very limited,” said Sherk Chung, Vice President of Engineering for Pivotal Systems. “In addition, it gave us the flexibility to easily move the data acquisition devices to different PCs without pulling apart the PC on the manufacturing floor. Proven data collection devices with plug-and-play USB connectivity were just what we needed to simplify our lives in the manufacturing environment.”

In addition, the new USB-6251 and USB-6259 DAQ devices are shipped with NI-DAQmx driver software and measurement services, a collection of powerful tools including data-logging software that makes system setup even faster and simpler. NI M Series for USB devices also integrate seamlessly with National Instruments LabVIEW graphical programming environment, helping engineers and scientists quickly and easily create user-defined data acquisition systems on the platforms and in the operating systems of their choice.

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