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Upgraded oscilloscopes can "transform" market

4th June 2019
Mick Elliott

“So,” asked Tektronix of a cross section of engineers, “what do you want from a next generation, mid-market oscilloscope?” What they asked for Tektronix reckons it has delivered with the 3 Series Mixed Domain Oscilloscope (MDO) and 4 Series Mixed-signal oscilloscope (MSO).

They share a user interface design with touchscreens and front panels that keep key controls close at hand. Rather than digging through multiple menus to find settings, simply double-tap the appropriate readout or measurement on the display.

Both oscilloscopes meet a wide range of applications and are easy to use.

Commented Lee Morgan, EMEA Technical Marketing Manger at Tektronix, “We spent 100s of hours talking with engineers around the world, testing and prototyping new features and designs.”

The new 4 Series MSO offers bandwidths up to 1.5GHz and uses Tektronix in-house designed 12-bit ADCs for what is said to be the highest vertical resolution in its class as well. It boasts six input channels and with innovative FlexChannel technology, any input channel can be converted from an analog to eight digital channels simply by connecting a logic probe.

To meet a diverse range of application requirements, the 4 Series MSO is available with bandwidths starting at 200MHz and is well supported with options including serial decode and analysis, an arbitrary/function generator and a DVM/frequency counter. The new Spectrum View feature offers time correlated frequency domain analysis with independent spectrum controls. A power analysis package is available to automate AC line, switching device, ripple and sequencing measurements.

Bandwidth and options are all field upgradeable.

All models deliver a 6.25 GS/s sample rate on all analogue and digital channels. Standard record length is 31.25Mpoints with option for 62.5Mpoints.

With a starting price point of € 3,570​  / £ 3,130 / $ 4,150, the 3 Series MDO is intended to be the compact, versatile test instrument that sits on the desk of every engineer. It features a sleek industrial design and the largest display in its class at 11.6-in. with full high-definition resolution.

It uses the same intuitive user interface as the rest of the portfolio with a similar set of knobs and buttons but takes up less than 6 inches of depth on a bench.

The 3 Series MDO is more than an oscilloscope and can cover a wide range of debugging and validation tasks. It offers an optional spectrum analyser up to 3GHz, with a separate RF input and specifications comparable to a standalone analyser.

This enables engineers to quickly debug wireless components in their designs or quickly track down sources of unwanted EMI emissions without having to use another instrument. Sixteen digital input channels are available for mixed signal analysis.

Comprehensive serial protocol debugging and triggering options, optional power measurement and an optional AFG set the standard for versatility. A DVM/frequency counter is included for free with product registration.

The new 3 Series MDO is available in bandwidths starting at 100MHz and extending to 1GHz. Models are available with 2.5 GS/s or 5 GS/s sample rates on all analog and digital channels.

Standard record length is 10Mpoints. For investment protection, bandwidths and options are fully field upgradeable.

The distance between the front of the oscilloscope to the device under test are critical to gaining insight into troublesome circuits.

Both the 3 Series MDO and 4 Series MSO use the TekVPI probe interface, giving access to the full range of Tektronix differential voltage probes, active voltage probes, and current probes, plus the recently-introduced power rail probes and optically-isolated differential probes.

Both series are available from June 4. The 4 Series MSO is priced from €7,190​/ £6,210​/ $8,000. All prices include a standard three-year warranty and passive probes. Both will also be available from the Tektronix network of distributors, including Farnell, RS Components and SJ Electronics.

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