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Touch & Connect for the new Opel Corsa Radio, navigation and phone all in one

21st February 2011
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Touch screen along with keys and controls enable intuitive operation Exact route guidance with SD card navigation Convenient USB interface for portable MP3 devices or iPods Bluetooth allows hands-free talking and audio playback
Bosch developed the Touch & Connect system for the new Corsa together with Opel. This all-in-one infotainment system combines state-of-the-art audio, navigation and communications functions in one compact head unit. In addition to providing radio reception, it is also able to play CDs or MP3 music files on the built-in drive or using a device connected to the USB slot or the AUX-in jack. The navigation system also offers the choice of an ecological route, which means that the route is selected to optimize fuel consumption. Thanks to a Bluetooth interface and hands-free operation, Touch & Connect allows the safe use of the telephone in the car. Setting the functions is easy and uncomplicated using the touch screen or the control knobs. The 5-inch color screen is easy to read and presents the different operating menus, which include a list of radio stations or the titles of sound files as well as navigation maps or telephone lists.

Twin tuner provides excellent reception quality

For radio reception, the device has been equipped with a digital twin tuner, which provides for exceptionally good reception quality and the playback of TMC traffic information messages on the Traffic Message Channel. The unit is even able to indicate traffic problems when the navigation system is not activated. This is particularly useful to commuters who travel the same route to work each day. The audio system is also well equipped to handle playback from a variety of different media sources. The USB slot is able to accommodate portable MP3 devices, memory sticks or an iPod and also allows the easy plug-in connection of a portable hard disk or an iPhone.

Bluetooth connection for easy telephone communication and Bluetooth audio

For easy and safe in-vehicle telephone communication, the system can also be connected with a Bluetooth cell phone, which can then be very conveniently controlled using the system’s operating menu. The hands-free system and other important functions, such as call lists or the phone book, are automatically available as soon as the telephone is connected with the infotainment system via Bluetooth. In addition, audio data can be transmitted from a cell phone to the audio system wirelessly via Bluetooth Audio Streaming (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile – A2DP) and played back as music.

Fuel-optimized driving

Thanks to highly precise visual and acoustic driving recommendations, the Touch & Connect navigation system takes the passengers in the Opel Corsa to their chosen destination safe and sound and free of stress. The inclusion of vehicle information guarantees precise route guidance – even when the satellite or locating signal is temporarily interrupted – while driving through tunnels, for example. The automatic zoom feature selects the ideal zoom level during the drive – depending on the current road category and speed traveled.

In addition to the fastest or shortest route, the route guidance system also offers the option of choosing an ECO route to help lower fuel consumption as far as possible, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions. While driving, it is also possible to have filling stations and parking in the direct vicinity displayed on the navigation screen, along with the distance they are away and the driving direction. SD-card navigation also includes a wide variety of different points of interest (POIs). Individual items can be uploaded and added to this list of POIs at any time via the USB interface.

In addition to this integrated, easy-to-operate multimedia infotainment system that uses the latest in innovative technology as far as the audio, communications and navigation performance are concerned, Bosch also supplies the vehicle technology for diesel and gasoline injection systems, brake disks and brake calipers, alternators and starter systems and start/stop systems.

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