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Aeroflex Launches Multiple Handset Emulation Capability for the De Facto Industry Standard TM500 DC-HSDPA Test Mobile

4th February 2010
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Aeroflex announced today that its TM500 Test Mobile is the first to market to support multiple UE (user equipment, or handset) emulation in conjunction with measurements for the 3GPP W-CDMA Release 8 DC-HSDPA (Dual Cell High-Speed Download Packet Access) standard.
The TM500 DC-HSDPA Multi-UE Test Mobile enables 3G infrastructure equipment manufacturers to perform rigorous load testing. With the TM500, they can test the performance of their DC-HSDPA base stations under conditions of increasing user demand, speeding up the development of infrastructure equipment and its deployment in networks.

Multiple handset emulation enables network load testing and optimization

When emulating a single handset, the Aeroflex TM500 DC-HSDPA Test Mobile provides low-level control and configuration; it combines detailed measurement data required by infrastructure engineers for rapid diagnosis of engineering issues. However, testing a base station against a single handset is not sufficient. Scheduling algorithms must be optimized, and the base station must be load tested.

The TM500 DC-HSDPA Multi-UE Test Mobile now supports the ability to test a base station and network against a multiple handset configuration. The TM500 enables base station and core network designs to be load tested, stressed, and optimized to ensure that robust, flexible and high-performance products are delivered to network operators.

“The Aeroflex TM500 family is continually evolving to track the standards roadmap that wireless network operators are following,” said Tim Beard, WCDMA product manager at Aeroflex Test Solutions. “We expect the new DC-HSDPA standard to be widely adopted by operators who are looking for ways to improve the performance and extend the life of their existing networks at minimal cost. The TM500 is the first test mobile to support multi-UE capability for the DC-HSDPA feature.”

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