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Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions is now part of Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions Sector. Its products can be found in three new business units: Cobham Motion Control Solutions, Cobham RFMW Solutions, and Cobham Semiconductor Solutions.

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Test & Measurement
18th March 2015
Digital radio test set expands field applications potential

Cobham AvComm, formerly Aeroflex AvComm business unit, announced today the introduction of the new 8800S Digital Radio Test Set at the International Wireless Communications Expo 2015 in Las Vegas. The portable 8800S features new P25 Phase II test capabilities and 125 W direct power handling.

Test & Measurement
13th November 2014
Measurement option cuts power servo test times

Cobham Wireless, the former Aeroflex wireless business unit, has introduced a new measurement option that allows users to perform power measurements more quickly, directly reducing test times in power servo applications. The product had a debut demo at the electronica exhibition in Munich.

Test & Measurement
16th September 2014
Microwave test system gets frequency upgrade

Aeroflex has released a 26.5 GHz high-frequency extension for the 7700 Integrated Microwave Test System. The extension increases the frequency coverage from 6 GHz to 26.5 GHz, to address the need for a compact, economical, high-frequency bench-top microwave test system.

Test & Measurement
10th September 2014
Mobile test platform strengthens WiFi standards support

The Aeroflex TM500 family of network test systems now supports the offload of live data calls between LTE and WLAN 802.11ac as well as 802.11a/b/g/n. The complete Wi-Fi offload test system comprises an Aeroflex E500 LTE Capacity Test System, including a real data service generator, Evolved Packet Core (EPC) for LTE/Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi STA (station) systems.

Test & Measurement
10th September 2014
Mobile test platform offers 4x4 MIMO carrier aggregation

Aeroflex‘s TM500 family now supports aggregation of two 4x4 MIMO carriers, allowing mobile network operators to validate the performance of networks with data rates of up to 600Mb/s. 4x4 MIMO gives mobile users faster and more reliable data connections by making use of spatial multiplexing, where multiple data streams are transmitted simultaneously via separate antennas to improve throughput.

Test & Measurement
4th August 2014
Digital radio test set upgraded for Motorola radios

Aeroflex has added additional test and alignment capabilities for Motorola APX Series Radios on its 3920B Digital Radio Test Set. The new test capabilities focus on Phase II Transmit and Receive tests. The Aeroflex Automated Test and Alignment procedure provides fully automated test and alignment of Motorola APX radios without the need for user interaction.

Test & Measurement
10th July 2014
Radio test set boasts hybrid portable design

A radio test set equipped with what is claimed to be the industry’s largest touch-screen colour display has been unveiled by Aeroflex. It is a high performance, economical radio test system for Analog AM and FM; and Digital P25, DMR, dPMR, NXDN, and ARIB T98 technologies. The Aeroflex 8800 has a new hybrid portable design that provides bench-level test features while maintaining the low weight, ruggedness, and 2.5 hour internal battery req...

Test & Measurement
1st May 2014
Software tools supply RF measurement option

Aeroflex is offering separate availability of the LTE Downlink Measurement Suite, a suite of software tools that works with the Aeroflex PXI 3000 platform to characterise the transmitter and receiver parameters of LTE base stations (eNodeB) and small cells in production test. The LTE Downlink (FDD and TDD) Measurement Suite can be used either with the recently-announced Aeroflex One-Box Base Station RF Tester.

Test & Measurement
23rd April 2014
3CC test upgrade allows data rates up to 450Mbit/s

Aeroflex’s TM500 LTE-A Test Mobile and the E500 Capacity Test System now both support the aggregation of three component carriers (3 CC). Carrier aggregation of 3 CC allows mobile network operators to achieve data rates of up to 450 Mbit/s on their LTE-A networks. 3 CC carrier aggregation enables network operators with limited contiguous frequency allocations to maximise 4G data speeds by combining these spectrum bands.

Test & Measurement
23rd February 2014
LTE-A test set achieves bi-directional Cat 6 capability

Aeroflex says its 7100 Digital Radio Test Set provides LTE-A carrier aggregation testing at full Cat 6 data rates of 300Mbps downlink and 50Mbps uplink simultaneously for LTE-A in FDD mode, and now also supports carrier aggregation in TDD mode. The Cat 6 capability is available via an upgrade to the standard 7100 software and the use of a RF combiner, allowing users to maximise the potential of their existing test equipment investment.

Test & Measurement
13th February 2014
Improved phase noise enhances signal generators

Aeroflex has enhanced its S-Series signal generators (SGA and SGD) with improved phase noise and better RF level accuracy. At a carrier frequency of 1GHz, phase noise is now improved by 6dB at frequency offsets from 100kHz to 1MHz, giving a figure of typically -140 dBc/Hz between these offsets. The S-Series does this while maintaining the frequency settling time of 100µs.

Test & Measurement
6th February 2014
Software slashes mobile device RF test times

Aeroflex says that the latest upgrade to its Lector software provides dramatic improvements in the speed of mobile device RF tests in service centres. Lector 7 software achieves a remarkable doubling in LTE test speed for a range of mobile devices. Test times for a reference multi-band mobile device* using the Aeroflex 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set with Lector 7 have been improved by an average of 53%.

Test & Measurement
5th February 2014
One-box LTE-A base station tester unveiled

Aeroflex has launched an extended version of its TM500 industry-standard base station tester capable of emulating several thousand LTE user equipments (UE), fading channel models, and LTE-A carrier aggregation functionality in a one-box benchtop unit. The TM500 Test Mobile is claimed to have a higher UE density than any other solution on the market.

Test & Measurement
14th November 2013
productronica: ATE system incorporates Virginia Panel interface

Aeroflex strengthened its offering in the ATE market by launching its first system to include the Virginia Panel interface an industry standard used by test fixture manufacturers. The 5860 Multi-Strategy Test System, which was launched at the productronica exhibition, is a self-contained, floor-standing system that combines both analogue in-circuit test and functional test capabilities.

Test & Measurement
7th November 2013
Full-stack WCDMA handset simulation enhances test solution

Aeroflex’s TM500 Test Mobile family now provides full-stack WCDMA handset simulation capability that is scalable from testing and verifying the performance of small cells right up to multi-handset, multi-cell network capacity performance testing.

Test & Measurement
5th September 2013
Aeroflex Introduces 5800 Series Multi-Strategy Test System to India’s Automotive Sector

Aeroflex Limited today announced at Productronica India that it is introducing its 5800 Series ATE system to the Indian automotive manufacturing market with the appointment of iNETest Technologies India Pvt. Limited for distribution and sales of this product in India.

Test & Measurement
19th August 2013
Aeroflex Adds RF Signal Generator to Radio Test Set

Aeroflex has unveiled the 3920B Digital Radio Test Set for analogue AM and FM, Digital P25, P25 Phase II, DMR, NXDN, dPMR, TETRA and TEDS technologies. The test set features a new low phase noise RF signal generator in addition to the already advanced functionality available on the Aeroflex 3900 Series Radio Test Sets.

Test & Measurement
24th June 2013
Mobile Test Platform Targets LTE and LTE-A Base Stations

Aeroflex has launched the TM500 Multi-UE LTE-A Test Mobile, which supports carrier aggregation across multiple mobile terminals or user equipment (UE). Carrier aggregation, a key component of LTE-A, allows multiple carriers comprised of either contiguous or non-contiguous spectrum to be added together, allowing wider channel bandwidths -- and higher data rates -- to be achieved.

Test & Measurement
23rd May 2013
Aeroflex Launches 5th Generation Modular Wireless Test System

Aeroflex announced today that it has launched a new generation of wide bandwidth RF signal generators and analyzers in PXI format with class-leading performance enabling a high performance, flexible, and cost effective solution for RF component and wireless device testing to the latest standards, including WLAN 802.11ac.

Test & Measurement
21st May 2013
Software Suite Speeds Wireless Test Times

Aeroflex says that its PXI Maestro, a next-generation automatic test solution for use in wireless device manufacturing lowers the cost of test and accelerates test development. PXI 3000 is a proven platform for modern manufacturing test of cellular, wireless LAN, GPS, and Bluetooth wireless devices. Th new solution adds significant capability to the PXI 3000 platform and provides a production-ready test system with integrated chipset-specific de...

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