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Software options cut cost of 5G NR testing

26th March 2018
Mick Elliott

Five 5G measurement software options have been released by Anritsu for its MS2850A Signal Analyser. The five new software options are compliant with the 3GPP 5G standards (5G NR hereafter) and used for measuring the RF Tx characteristics of next-generation 5G base stations and mobile terminals.

They are:

  • 5G Standard Measurement Software (Basic License) MX285051A
  • NR TDD sub-6 GHz Downlink            MX285051A-011
  • NR TDD sub-6 GHz Uplink                 MX285051A-061
  • NR TDD mmWave Downlink              MX285051A-021
  • NR TDD mmWave Uplink                   MX285051A-071

These modules when combined with the signal analyser provide a cost effect solution for fast and stable signal-analysis measurements, such as Tx power, frequency error, EVM, etc., at frequencies below 6GHz (sub-6GHz) and in the millimeter wavebands (mmWave) such as 28GHz band and 39GHz band.

The MS2850A has the same or better dynamic range and amplitude/phase flatness as higher-end models but at a better cost-performance point, assuring both high-precision signal analysis and higher finished product quality at a lower instrument cost.

To help facilitate early deployment of 5G services while meeting demands for high-level measurement technologies at lower instrument costs, Anritsu has developed the announced product release to improve the quality of 5G NR equipment while cutting costs.

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