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Tyre pressure monitor meets safety demands

5th October 2016
Alice Matthews

The RF technology within NI AWR Design Environment has been leveraged by Sensata Technologies, formerly Texas Instruments Sensors and Controls, to design a sophisticated and reliable Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that meets escalating safety demands for the global automobile market.

These systems have proven to be effective in reducing single-car accidents caused by insufficient tyre pressure by transmitting information from sensors on each wheel to the automobile electronic dashboard to warn the driver of decreased tyre pressure or a tyre puncture.

“NI AWR Design Environment accessibility and ease of use significantly decreased the time and cost of the TPMS circuit analysis and optimisation,” said Nicolas Henriet, Senior RF Engineer at Sensata. “Microwave Office, AXIEM, and Analyst were pivotal in the analysis of circuit parasitics, tuning towards optimsation and analysis of the effects of environmental disturbance, enabling Sensata to produce an overall more robust TPMS.”

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