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PXI matrix modules have up to 6,144 crosspoints

4th September 2019
Mick Elliott

A scalable, modular matrix platform with internal analogue bus that reduces the need for external signal cabling typically needed when building large matrices has been unveiled by Pickering Interfaces. The 0.5A ultra-high-density PXI matrix module family delivers up to 6,144 crosspoints.

The key to this product is another product – reed relays from sister company Pickering Electronics. There are 124 of these ruthenium-based devices supplying long life, high reliability, good low-level switching performance and contact resistance stability.

With a switching density 39% higher than competing devices, the 40-558 allows a complete functional ATE system to be housed in a single 3U PXI chassis, and the integrated BRIC design saves on valuable chassis slots compared to standard PXI matrix modules.

This product is part of Pickering Interfaces’ BRIC large PXI Matrices range, and the modules are available in two, four or eight-slot widths for matrix sizes between 64x16 and 1,008x6. Spare relays are included with the module to facilitate easy maintenance with minimum downtime.

The BRIC’s internal high performance screened analogue backplane minimises the complexity and cost of cable assemblies; Pickering has a range of standard cables available for the 40-558 and can construct custom cables for all its PXI modules. A choice of 6, 8, 12 and 16 pole analogue bus widths and dual analog bus options are available.

“This is industry’s highest density reed relay PXI solution,” said Keith Moore, CEO at Pickering Interfaces. “By only using the highest quality Pickering instrument-grade reed relays, we are able to guarantee our matrices for three years. Engineers can be sure they are choosing a high reliability product to match their high reliability applications.”

The 40-558 BRIC PXI matrix modules can be operated in Fast Mode via the VISA driver with multiple relay operation in one command or provide the convenience and simplicity of IVI drivers.

Extensive accessory support is available, including Pickering’s Built-in Relay Self-Test (BIRST) and eBIRST Switching System Test tools which provide a quick and simple way of finding relay failures within the modules and Pickering’s signal routing software, Switch Path Manager, allows easy programming of the BRIC matrix modules.

The product comes with a three-year warranty.




The 40-558 PXI matrix modules suit many industries; however, typical applications include automotive and aerospace ECU and semiconductor package testing. Dual analog bussing for the narrower matrix options enables completely separate matrices within a single module for parallel testing.

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