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News & Analysis
8th December 2020
Pickering Interfaces unveils customer support program

To ensure that customers get the support they need from the best available systems integrator in their region for their application or requirements, Pickering Interfaces has launched its Pickering Partner Program.

Test & Measurement
30th October 2020
PXI simulator modules mimic current loop- based sensors

Pickering Interfaces has expanded its range of PXI simulation solutions with the model 41-765 Analogue Output/Current Loop Simulator Modules.

23rd October 2020
PXI power relay switches voltages up to 480VAC or 300VDC

A new high-power relay PXI module that provides what is claimed to be the industry’s highest switching capacity in the smallest footprint for a solution based on electromechanical relays has been unveiled by Pickering Interfaces.

Test & Measurement
22nd September 2020
Versatile module increases test flexibility

Pickering Interfaces has released the Model 41-670, a single module that can function as an LVDT, RVDT or resolver simulator.

News & Analysis
5th August 2020
Pickering Interfaces unveils turnkey LXI switch service

Pickering Interfaces has launched a value-add turnkey LXI microwave switch and signal routing subsystems service.

26th June 2020
PXI matrix switch module boasts up to 9216 crosspoints

12-slot BRIC configurations have been added to two of its PXI matrix switch models by Pickering Interfaces.

2nd June 2020
The Importance of Signal Routing to Maximize ATE Performance & Reliability

Take a look at this webinar to understand the challenges that engineers face when architecting a cabling and interface system and the impact that design decisions have on the overall performance of the test system. You’ll understand the basic development of a signal routing subsystem that connects the test instrumentation and switching elements to the device-under-test and more.

13th May 2020
The Importance of Microwave Switching for Automated Test

When architecting a test system that includes Microwave instrumentation, whether for military, aerospace, automotive or semiconductor applications, it is advantageous to design in a signal routing or switching system. Switching subsystems can bring great benefit to an automated test strategy, reducing overall cost and increasing the throughput of test. Switching signals at microwave frequencies offers unique challenges.

23rd April 2020
Joe Woodford joins Pickering Interfaces

Pickering Interfaces has announced the appointment of Joe Woodford as International Sales and Partner Manager.

22nd April 2020
Simplifying Test Interconnect with Pickering’s Online Cable Design Tool

The cable design for a test system is critical for repeatability and accuracy, it needs care and expertise, and many times a standard cable assembly just won't work. You may need custom connectors and wire types or specific harness wiring. Pickering's free Cable Design Tool is a simple and efficient way of creating these custom cabling solutions. More information can be found here.

Events News
14th November 2019
PXI matrix module makes productronica debut

A 0.5Amp ultra-high-density PXI matrix module family that delivers up to 6,144 crosspoints was unveiled at productronica by Pickering Interfaces. With a switching density 39% higher than competing devices, the 40-558 allows a complete functional ATE system to be housed in a single 3U PXI chassis.

Events News
24th October 2019
PXI matrix modules set for productronica debut

Pickering interfaces will debut its BRIC ultra-high-density PXI matrix module family at productronica in Munich (November 12-15). The 0.5A 40-558 which delivers up to 6,144 crosspoints and has a switching density 39% higher than competing devices, allowing a complete functional ATE system to be housed in a single 3U PXI chassis.

3rd October 2019
Pickering Interfaces export sales win Queen's Award

Pickering Interfaces which designs and makes modular signal switching and simulation solutions for use in electronic test and verification, has been presented with a Queen’s Award for Outstanding Short Term Growth in overseas sales over the last three years.

Test & Measurement
4th September 2019
PXI matrix modules have up to 6,144 crosspoints

A scalable, modular matrix platform with internal analogue bus that reduces the need for external signal cabling typically needed when building large matrices has been unveiled by Pickering Interfaces. The 0.5A ultra-high-density PXI matrix module family delivers up to 6,144 crosspoints.

1st May 2019
10W reed relay suits high-speed test systems

Series 122 relays from Pickering Interfaces measure 12.5mm in height and are rated with a switching current of 0.5A at 10W. 3V and 5V coils are available. The 10W-rated reed relay is an addition to its 4mm2 product family which features devices that occupy a PCB footprint of only 4mm x 4mm, facilitating the high packing density.

24th April 2019
Sales growth wins Queen's Award for Pickering Interfaces

Pickering Interfaces has won the Queen’s Award for Outstanding Short Term Growth in overseas sales over the last three years. Comments CEO, Keith Moore (pictured), “Pickering Interfaces exports 95% of its production overseas - 40% to North America, 35% to Europe and 20% to Asia. We received the Queens Award this year due to our 25% average growth during each of the three previous years.”

16th April 2019
High accuracy PXI/PCI precision resistor modules offer long life

Pickering Interfaces has launched two new families of high density, high accuracy, precision programmable resistor modules in modular PXI and PCI formats for easy system integration. The 40-298 (PXI) and 50-298 (PCI) modules are each available in 50 standard configurations with up to 18, offering a huge choice of resistor channel count, resistance range and resistance setting resolution for a wide variety of functional test system ...

Events News
15th April 2019
PXI matrix modules showcased at SMTConnect 2019

SMT Connect 2019 will provide the platform for Pickering Interfaces to show its modular signal switching and simulation solutions for use in electronic test and verification. These include the Model 40-559 BRIC Ultra-High-Density Large PXI Matrix Modules. This range of large PXI matrices are robust 1A/20W switching modules, with up to 4,096 crosspoints.

3rd April 2019
Switching signal software improves speed and performance

Pickering Interfaces has launched an updated version of its signal routing software, Switch Path Manager Version 6.1.2, which adds auto-detection and route caching features that improve speed and performance. Pickering’s Switch Path Manager (SPM) software simplifies signal routing through switching systems and speeds up the development of switching system software and is especially useful for large complex switching systems.

Mixed Signal/Analog
3rd November 2018
4 & 6-Channel LXI Microwave MUX Solutions

Pickering Interfaces launch new four and six channel LXI 50Ω microwave multiplexers in compact 1U and 2U rack-mount form factors. The 60-801/60-802 high-performance microwave switches feature excellent RF characteristics and repeatability to within 0.01dB.

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