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Portable radio test set public safety vehicle radio systems

28th April 2006
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Aeroflex's 3500 is a lightweight and portable radio test set designed specifically to test vehicle-based radio systems used predominantly by first responders. The Aeroflex 3500 radio test set incorporates the latest technology in rugged design, portability, battery life and high performance. The new test set allows the user to test all aspects of the vehicle’s system - from the radio to the cable and the antenna - with powerful features typically found only in bench-top radio test equipment.
With a built-in generator and receiver, the Aeroflex 3500 radio test set operates from 2MHz to 1GHz and it is capable of measuring high power (up to 200W with an external attenuator) as well as finding faults in antenna, power amplifiers and interconnects. It performs a wide variety of AM/FM transmitter and receiver tests including RF power, RF frequency error, AM modulation, FM deviation, Receive Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI), distortion and SINAD/sensitivity.

Since many radio system faults actually originate in the cabling or antenna rather than in the radio, the Aeroflex 3500 radio test set conveniently allows the user to measure the Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) of both the cable and the antenna. A large VSWR can indicate a high return loss caused by a bad cable, connector, or antenna. Isolating the problem in the cable, connector or antenna prevents the user from returning a good radio to the manufacturer or depot for repair, thus avoiding unnecessary extra cost as well as the inconvenience of radio system down time.

The Aeroflex 3500 radio test set weighs just 8.5lbs. (3.86Kg.) including the battery and solid aluminium weatherproof case. It has an operating temperature of -10°C to +50°C, and is designed with rugged construction specifications for humidity, altitude, shock and vibration. It has a battery life of seven hours and can be fully recharged and ready to operate in only four hours. When not in use, the Aeroflex 3500 radio test set and the optional accessories can be easily stored and transported in a sturdy carrying case. It is designed to enable quick “Drive-By” testing, allowing the user to connect to the supplied antenna, key up the radio and measure the radio parameters over-the-air. A microphone/speaker combination handset is provided to check voice quality of the transmitter and receiver.

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